A message from us to you all

A SUPER BIG shout out to SR-X’s gf Amber who was prolly the MVP of the night!

Now for the results…

SF4 teams!

1: team tactics (ryu bison)
2: team rooster (akuma boxer)
3: free prostate exams (boxer dictator)
4: browntown (ryu c.viper)
5: I want my bum money (Abel boxer) Me+Kurt
5: we still in G3 (ryu balrog)
7: khronic (cammy balrog)
7: Team double KO (ken ryu)
9: team im sleepy as fuck (ryu sagat)
9: Rockman X + eric G (sakura dictator)
9: Team pink salmon (Chun blanka)
13: marco lyle (bison cammy)
13: touchdown (sakura abel)
13: Main event 2k9 (abel rufus)
17: Tean cheetoes (chun sim)
17: super dynamic chanko stew (fuerte honda)
17: team 8 (ryu honda)
17: team munn3yee (balrog ryu)
25: team shi (bison ken)
25: hurricane Meow! (Viper ryu)


1: Sigma E (Neil Fleming)
2: Meta (Phil)
3: King Of Bums (Kurt Horsting)
4: GLB (Mark)
5: Tactics (domingo Ayala)
5: JustOwnin (Jimmy)
7: Clayton
7: Kurasa (Jeff)
9: Razier (Brandon H)
9: Part 2 (Jose)
9: Necrosis (Lloyd)
9: DFly (Tony)
13: TheRisingDragon (Anthony T.E.)
13: J-Money (Kelvin) <-- Me
13: Syxx (Dan)
13: NappyJin (Chris)
17: Bob Washington (Eric)
17: Shano (shannon)
17: Dr.Monster (Julian)
17: Samurai Saint
17: Noah (Noah)
17: Kobayashi (CD)
17: bsquared
17: KG (Kevin G)
25: Xombie (Jake)
25: Cannon Spook (Lyle)
25: Cracka J (Jim Lapante)
25: CT (CT)
25: Clutch (Braiden)
25: S-RX (Brad)
25: Eugene (Eugene)
25: Orka (Yosh)
33: Mr.Man (Jeff)
33: Stefa
33: Phalez 16 (Nick)
33: Marcus (Marcus)
33: Toxic Wallz
33: Frankie G (Frankie G)
33: Hurricane Jane (Jane)
33: Rockman X20 (Charles)
33: GI JOE
33: Magnum (Brandon S.)
33: JR (JR)
33: Marco
33: Pharaoh (Pharaoh)
33: Adrian (Adrian)
33: Bank (Jason)
33: Chi (Tony L)
49: Auhsojsivart (Joshua)
49: braiden
49: Chennette (Chennette)
49: Scottie (Eric)
49: Lannon Spook
49: smyst
49: Jason (Jason)
49: Broffender (Stuart)
49: Carl (Carl)
49: Ottosaurus
49: Kat (Kat)

MAIN EVENT SF4 Singles (single elim due to time constraints)

1: GLB
2: razier
3: Esoul
3: Marcu
5: Scotty
5: syxx
5: bobW
5: Aki
9: Humbag
9: j-money <— me
9: necrosis
9: braiden
9: JR
9: SRX
9: cannon spook
9: CrackaJ
17: SamuraiSaint
17: Noah
17: Adrian
17: darryl
17: magnum
17: mike o
17: lee-k
17: brain d hamilton
17: tony l
17: The Toxic Waltz
17: arthur
17: tevin williams
17: douglas ward
17: anthony rti
17: Dfly
17: julian
33: Clayton
33: jane
33: Jason
33: Munny3y
33: broffender
33: Frankie G
33: CT
33: anthony te
33: Stefa
33: jonathan victor overton
33: Marco
33: Tekkaman
33: Pharroh
33: torrance
33: Tactics
33: Meta
33: Paradox
33: nappyjin
33: justownin
33: Part2
33: madwak
33: GI Joe
33: Auhso Sivait
33: vince b
33: KingofBums
33: webster
33: Phalez16
33: Scrimps
33: k.g
33: nell
33: kat yu
65: shano
65: smyst
65: barzaad
65: Brandon T
65: Clutch
65: nino
65: Carl
65: tony L
65: kobayashi
65: Kurasa

King of Fighters XII

1st - Humbag
2nd - Part2
3rd - Syxx
4th - Kurasa
5th - AuhsojSivart
5th - Adrian
6th-12th - I forgot. Did anyone see that paper lying around somewhere?


Kurasa scared everyone away

Puzzle Fighter

1st - Jalasoul
2nd - AuhsojSivart
(this was really just a money match)

Street Fighter 2 HDR

3rd-King Of Bums
5th-Joshua Travis

(How did Nino get both 4th and 5th?)

Floe Cancel Racing - AKA the over 250lbs crowd running down hallways

1st - AuhsojSivart (by a huge gap)
2nd - Webster (devildigimon)

Were there any other side tourneys?


I did so crappy in BB but got top 5 in everything else. Except made it too late for teams :frowning: maybe next time

if u want help next time running stuff let me know, keep in mind i’ve run 7 or 8 tournaments ON MY OWN so i know what needs to happen

this tournament was kinda ugh good setup but didn’t go that well. Maybe you need to change the venue, and throw all the HD tvs in the garbage, at least we didn’t have to play on them for the tournament so thumbs up for that

thanks to Josh for running KOF12, it was fun

good seeing everyone there. There were a few people missing but there was a ton of support for this event so that’s good.

I hope people aren’t discouraged from going to the next one. TBH I think you guys could have kept things moving better despite the snags, but overall you did ok with this.

Also mad props to anyone who brought a system or a standard def tv, you guys are the best.


Simply put, GGs to everyone I played, LOLZ to everyone I didn’t play but should have, and good seeing the IPG crew again.

Syxx, I think it’s a sign that we shouldn’t have played in teams since we both got there late. :rofl:


heheh i told u i was gonna do good at sf4

esoul got me with gief but i had good matches with everyone i played. I hit ppl with EXTU to ultra like a buncha times in my matches so I was happy since that’s the one combo i know other than crouching medium kick, low tiger shot hahahaha oh and jumpin hard kick, standing hard kick lol. My match with brandon was really fun. I woulda loved to play GLB or the guy who got 2nd (ugh) but it didn’t happen. It would have been the end of SF4 in chicago if I got top 3.


Whoohoo! Results thread.


few people I talked with were being dq’ed in sf4 for playing other tournaments and standing right by the announcement booth, not getting called, and being dq’ed.

these are pretty serious things that I don’t think you guys can blame on the electricity and need to be resolved. I’ve never heard of someone being dq’ed for playing in another tourney at the venue, and I was also by the announcement booth and never heard the dude’s name that you guys said got called and dq’ed him.

I understand time constraints, and if people leave to get food or whatnot and get called, that’s on them. But I think a few mismanaged things went on here that didn’t have to do with electrical problems. Not hating, just addressing that you guys should clean this up for the next go at it.


To address the DQ thing.

I apoligize to Reyart and Part2 and anyone else who i wrongly DQ’d

but we were running very low on time and after having changed SF4 to single elim still were unsure as to if we would finish on time. Also we were kinda being hassled by Roosevelt U. to make sure we ended the tourney, packed up and left. BEFORE our reservation ended or else we would get slapped with an additional fee.

So I decided that if someone did not report to me in 3 mins i would DQ them, since there were quite a few people missing no longer there etc etc.

You are right Jim, it wasnt the Electrical problems fault but we were running behind sheduele. and I hope that none of this deters people from comming to the bigger and better NEXT IPG event!

If anyone else has any other concens complaints or critisisms please let us know! we NEED your feedback to continue to make these events awesome!


Whoo hoo! 25th in BB, above SRX and Frankie G makes me happy. :rofl:

Also, in a non-tournament match for “World Champ” I’m 2nd best at XMen VS Street Fighter. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


also your gf is mad hawt Jake.


Only thing was that SF4 singles should have been the first or second tournament to start. It was the main event and ended up becoming kind of a joke. Lotsa people got high placings that honestly wouldnt have in a normal 2/3 2/3 double elim tourny. Good shit to GLB though for beasting everyone in his side of the bracket. Wish I coulda played him again cause I know he wanted to play me again after teams =P

KOF12 is really fun. Hope more people get into it.

Another thing I kinda think that should change: the 12 dollar gets you 3 tourny things. Honestly just make it like a 5-10 dollar cover charge, then 10 per tourny with standard 70-20-10 payouts. There were like at least 50 people for SF4 and the pot would be much bigger/better for the players.

Oh and for people that dont know:

1: team tactics (ryu bison) = TonyD and Domingo
2: team rooster (akuma boxer) = Humbag and SpriggenX
3: free prostate exams (boxer dictator) = Part2 and CrackaJ
4: browntown (ryu c.viper) =GLB and MADBOOFACE


Wow, i cant believe i missed this one. I gotta go… TO THE NEXT ONE!!!:annoy: :lol:


Sorry to say, but I will definitely not be coming to the next tournament you guys run. Teams ran great, after that everything went downhill.


I’ll be at every Fight It Out event in the future.

Just don’t have them all at Roosevelt…


Dude they had issues that arose out of no where, thats no reason not to show up to the next ones they throw. The other I went to before this one ran with no problems, I don’t see how you cant support them.

The venue was definitely better in the last spot we were in though. People just sound so bitter and shit they want to blame the tournament for whatever it is. IMO they handled the problems as quickly as possible and did the best they could. Only thing that I really think they should do is get LOUD megaphones and no one should have an excuse on not hearing their names be called. But the day did feel pretty dragged out, we really needed more systems / tvs to get shit going. By the time singles came around I just wanted to go home lol, but ggs to everyone, had alot of fun.



QFT. The matches feel considerably less hype with less money on the line. The finals even felt low.


FIO 3 was a great experience for me and my crew TEAM MAIN EVENT 2K9
i will be at the next FIO hopefully you guys would have it soon…
props to the whole IPG crew
and to SYXX it was cool playing the HDR King…
btw how the hell did i get 4th and 5th??lol


Im calling bullshit, you were well aware that he was playing in another tournament. As a tournament organizer, you do NOT DQ someone for playing in another tournament. That is the absolute shadiest shit ever. Did you lose to Part2 and decide that DQing him would make you feel better? Tournament organizers and runners are supposed to be impartial, so hearing that the Chicago scene turned into this shady type of tourney running scene makes me glad that I don’t live there anymore.

And the high entry fee with low prizes reeks of Jinmaster/JTYME things. I never thought the Chicago scene would turn into this, but you did a good job at making me glad I’m not a part of it anymore. Nice one, J-MONEY.


I do think we should just do a tournament fee for first tournament then charge per tournament that people enter and split that pot. Tos can keep the tournament fee as most do for running / organizing things.



That is pretty fucking weak what happened to Part2.

I can’t say I’ll be back for one of these events, honestly. It started out kinda fun but eventually the fun became “fuck this I wanna go home.” Like, I can understand there was some shit that went wrong, in addition to SF4 singles NOT being first. I’m sure that’s a big part of everyone’s issue with this whole thing.

Also, I agree with Humbag on charging a separate cover fee and then entry to be added to the pot. A lot of people were put off by the whole $50 Best Buy gift card thing. I mean, if that’s all you could get, whatever, but the reactions to that being the prize were…prize-less? Bad pun, yes.

And my name wasn’t called for the mystery tournament, lol. No big, but I’m kinda confused as to why, even though I signed up. Maybe I wasn’t there or something. If so, that’s my fault.

I dunno…Chi-town is really disappointing as fuck recently.



ya i don’t get it, the prize for the first one was overwealming and had the least people, i even got a sweet prize for hd remix and that was a free tournament