Are you a bad enough dude Srk.

Are YOU!!!


He’s playing to win.

“Only a fool throws away his advantage!” – Uncle “Oroko “Shredder” Saki” Phil

Is this in fact the biggest goddamn “Come At Me, Bro” ever?

Yo, dawg! Whatcha know?

Goddamn fantasic.

That’s amazing. A hearty LOL @ that last guy running up like he was the shit, until he saw the ninja swarm.

I can take them, just give me a XM-25.

never gets old.

would be funnier if the people didnt laugh and if they were seriously fighting

oh and if some of those “ninja” werent wearing fucking bookbags

Is it just me or would this be better if they had machetes and we were all on a boat. Just so I could grab a guy by the leg while sliding down some stairs just to kick him in the dick.


This is why they invented the hurricane kick

Man, get your head out of your ass. Those are not bookbags, they’re Six Demon Bags.

Now these people know how to have fun

That was dope and all in good fun as long as they stay away from the hood.

LOL at this vid.

But I prefer srs bizness :<


^Yo. Tamika looks like Ephidel. Traaaaaaavvvvvviiiiiiiissssssssss :rofl:

:lol: That security guard knew his shit. First punch was a cross counter. :lol:

what nigga that girl don’t look nothing like me

Is it me or did most the punches did not land or were not effective?

For realz, dudes would have gotten slaughtered if a whole mob of ninjas jumped they ass.