It’s not just you.

Looks like they both ended up unscathed aside from a torn shirt.


first vid

awesome :smiley:

Motherfuckin’ :rofl:…my cat got killed by a speeding car this morning, so I needed this. Anybody else reminded of Scorpion’s ninja swarm beatdown fatality?

Alternate He-Man intro dub: Fabulous things happen when I raise my sword and say “GIT DAT MOFO!”

Lol, knew that was in Toronto. Good job on the video, keep representing!


As someone who’s gone through similar things: my sympathies.

I am pretty sure this cat was trying it’s best to get away from you as you attempted to paint it pink and blue but I still feel bad. I remember when my mom ran over some kittens. It was pretty hardcore and gruesome. She got teary-eyed and then MANNED THE FUCK UP and went to work in her suit like Rip Van Winkle before Alucard killed her.

Edit: Because speying.

Save for the mcnugget on Blackula’s forehead :rofl:

That last dude in the first video. :rofl:

Your mom’s a brony? Cool.

He would’ve done better if he had looked at your av. Hinata knows how to hit it. :lovin:

…In case I haven’t said this enough already, If you change your av, shoot me a PM. I wanna use it. The queen is all that. :lovin:


Choco! Party! Good Good!

Actually, I’ve never noticed/wondered…who’s the girl in the white on the right?

Say wha? you didn’t notice the her? Next to Ayumi Hamasaki’s incredible “Evolution” song, I thought that the lil lady in my av was THE most famous Oriental singer here, if not one of the top three at the VERY least. Well then, let me introduce you to one ms. Hyori Lee, singer of the Korean Pop group Beat Of Angels. the videoclip where I got these beautiful morsels for my av is a Korean commercial for a cellphone known as the V420. she is so cute I could eat her like Ice cream and find her easily twice as refreshing. Ironically, I’ve never listened to her music. :lol: The one to the left is still a mystery after all these years. All we know is that she is Japanese, so any other info will be great. Hope this helps. :tup:


Er, nope, she’d probably punch one of them fags in the throat. She’s more of a robot chicken fan. Probably cause she is old enough to get all the references.

Lady on the left is from a commercial for a chocolate candy. Just look up choco party on Youtube. Yeah I know who Hyori Lee is. She’s kinda cute on “U Go Girl” MV but otherwise I’m not crazy about her though. I like Kim Tae Hee waayyyy more. I’d squish her in my arms and hyakuretsu kiss her a million times. Interestingly I’ve never watched any of her series entirely. Check out Kim Tae Hee’s “Ice Cream” and “Cyon LG” commercials.

Cool beans bro. Yes, I knew about the choco party commercial, but didn’t actually knew what it was about. I was…“Distracted” during the viewing of the commercial by the lady’s…“enthusiasm” so to speak. :sweat: Kim Tae Hee? I’ll have to check her out. Who knows? Maybe I’ll find a new one to watch. Here’s hoping…


Bad Dudes are you bad enough to save the president

Why yes. Yes I am a bad enough dude to save the president.


We’re Ninja Warriors, saving the populace from a despotic ruler who has taken control via an army of androids and by brainwashing the people. Sure enough these Ninja Warriors were able to take control of the government. Bases on these Ninja Warriors, a new army was formed and the new government became even more powerful than the old.

The people looked at this and said, “History repeats itself.”


BTW, I’m teaming up with Hinata for those duo and team missions. :lovin: