Fight Money system needs a Rebalancing


I think we all can agree that currently you earn a ridiculously low amount of Fight Money from Ranked and/or Casual matches, so considering that eventually the source for earning Fight Money will end (i.e. completing all stories, trials, etc) - you’ll have to get into a grind for earning the content you’re most interested in, or spending real money to purchase said content

Now, I mentioned “most interested in”, and it’s no secret what that would be for the majority of the playerbase - new characters.

Currently, new characters cost 100,000 FM. So to purchase a character, you need to win 2000 matches, since you get 50FM per win. Slightly less if you manage to score some character level ups (1000 FM per level), so each level up saves you 20 matches. With levelups - we can reduce the amount of matches needed for 1 character to ~1500

So, let’s calculate how much time on average it would take to accumulate 100,000 FM, starting from 0

  • Finding an opponent: ~2 minutes
  • Establishing a connection, loading, and getting into the match: ~2 minutes
  • One full match: ~2 minutes (40 seconds x 3 rounds = 120 seconds)
  • One full set of 3 matches in Ranked: ~6 minutes
  • Getting through the Results screen, and loading back into the main menu: ~1.5 minutes

So, to get through just one opponent (assuming you win) - it would take you total of 10-12 minutes.

Now, let’s multiply that on the amount of matches you need to win - that’d be about 18000 minutes, or 300 hours. Even if you play on a daily basis for a couple of hours - it would take you 150 days, or 5.5 months to purchase just one character.


The Fight Money system is basically designed for you to extuinguish all of it within a couple of years (even if you exclusively purchase characters with FM and not spend it on anything else), and going into futher seasons people will have no choice but to pay with REAL MONEY to buy characters, which of course will make it easier for Capcom to sell Season Passes, since it’s arguably a better deal

Something needs to be done about this, an even a slight increase in the amount of Fight Money you earn per match win (remember the betas? 200 per win and 50 for a loss) would SIGNIFICALLY cut the time you need to spend and number of matches you need to actually win to purchase the content that you actually kinda need to play the damn game if you’re intending to take it more or less seriously (especially people who enter tournaments and need to study matchups)


I have a season pass


But yeah, i want more FM, give me muh promised daily challeges


Well its pretty obvious that the model is that you get the first batch of characters for “free” but will have to pay for upcoming characters just like with the adon games for SFIV, or you can save FM and only buy the ones you want. However the difference is you actually have a choise this time… maybe you werent that interested in the new characters from Ultra SFIV but you pretty mutch had to buy the game anyway. Im for one is happy to have the choice wether or not I want to spend any money.


did you really think you would be able to dodge the money bullet for the entire duration of the game?
Come on bruh…


Well, at least for the first iteration of the game… can’t even buy Juri or Ibuki atm. 30$ every what… 1.5 year for SF4 doesnt sound as terrible as their current pricing.


It’s a typical F2P trap. I know SFV isn’t exactly the one but it’s not far from it.

You can earn all content by grinding tons and tons of hours but at the same time, there’s problems. It’s pretty clear to think in that Capcom planned that earning DLC characters for Season 1 with FM (and some extras if you are able to beat Hard survival) is enough for the time being in order to gain some reputation as a game with “free stuff”.

In my opinion, that’s why daily challenges have been delayed over and over again (Season 2 stuff I’d think) and why most of the colors are locked behing Survival wall. It’s great plan to further advertise game for masses with “free” DLC yet give options for more experienced players but adjust the game that even them would pay for something like colors (Even Infiltration asked for alternative methods than survival).


I had to season pass that game since it made no sense to spend time with that.


I guess capcom wants us to get a season pass and pick and choose which other season we want for free characters. I kind of think the story mode costumes should not cost FM.


They want you to know that they want your real money


Whenever they implant the daily challenges it should cut down on the grinding a little. Character leveling is for all modes. It’s possible for your character to reach a certain level and still not earn anything. I feel that you should earn more FM once your character reaches like lvl 35.


Problem is Season Pass should give more free stuff

It’s just that they are greed as fuck

If Season Pass included Story Mode costumes, all stages and maybe colors unlocked more peoples will have buy it


IF they implement them. I haven’t heard about them in a long ass time.


They need to double, no, triple, no, QUADRUPLE the fight money you earn per fight. As is you need to play like 2000 matches to unlock one character, which is insane for anyone that doesn’t have time to play the game all day every day.


Capcom obviously put 0 effort into the whole in-game shop thing, just like they put 0 effort into the initial release. They had no idea and apparently still have no idea where they want to go with this. It’s certainly the worst in-game shop system I have ever seen in any game. I mean, just look at the shop menu and how the items are “presented” - it’s pathetic. They rushed it.

So I haven’t spent any FM yet - I’m waiting for them to give that system its much needed rework.


They should do exponential increases for win streaks. Match fm to exp (winning against gold = 87…against super gold…100)


Nah, you want to give noobs a fair chance of buying stuff with FM, too. I’m a noob, my winrate so far is maybe 20%.

Daily challenges and rebalancing the prices seems like the way to go.


Actually seem to me a smart plan

They pretend to don’t be able to put up daily challenges so people can waste the easy initial big bunch of FM in shitty early stuff

When truly cool stuff will be out you will have no more FM and chose to use real money over grind for days/weeks

Be ready for challenges giving you like 1000 FM, wich mean 40 days for an alt, 70 for a stage and 100 for a char

Or 1.99 $


Going further?? How about right now?! I’ve already had to purchase 1 character with real money and I will have to buy Urien with real money! I did the general story, every character story, almost every trial, and played a ton of casual/ranked. I’ve spend 0 FM on stages and very little on colors. I currently have 18,000 FM.


Do each caracter guide
Do easy and normal survival with everyone
Also finish again cinematic fights on hard mode