Fight Night at Versis 4/17/09 SFIV, HDRemix Tournnament 8pm Friday


Here we go again, tourny time! (sagat is banned)…j/k

SFIV & HDR Entry fee $10

sign ups 730pm

1st 60% of entry fee
2nd 30%
3rd 10%

A certain percentage will go to versis for station fee depending on turnout. Chanchai will let you know.


Lord BBH
Andrew tran

Plat form for now is Xbox 360. Just need a volunteer to run HDR.
Everyone is welcome to discuss transportation arrangements. Good luck


w00t 360 maybe ill bring my stick this time, although someone had set up TE sticks at the last one so there wasent really a point.
gonna try to make it out to this, and Sagat > Ninjetik.


I would like to let everyone know that Versis is excited to be hosting this upcoming tournament!

Some of the details are still being worked out, but NinjetiK’s been very good to work with.

There is a possibility that I will request the tournament start a little bit later. Maybe registration at 8pm. However, this is not final and has yet to be finalized–so assume that it will be 7:30pm for now.

If the scheduled start time changes, everyone will know before April 11th.

A portion of the entry fees will be going to Versis to cover some of the costs of operation and potential revenue loss. We do want to make sure that everyone is having a great tournament and that the top place finishers will get worthy earnings, of course.

We may also give a nice little gift to all entrants. Nothing major, but at least a small bonus of some sort.

We don’t intend to be too strict at Versis, but since food is a part of our business model, I should let everyone know. We do not allow outside food and drinks at Versis. Again, this isn’t meant to be a downer or a jerk-policy, but food and drinks are a part of our business model and it helps us stay in business.

We like to think that for an amusement center, we offer nice food and drinks. At the very least better than you would find at a Bowling Alley (aside from maybe Players or that one crazy place in Vancouver) and not as expensive as a movie theater.

Versis has HD Remix on the PS3. However, people can bring HD Remix for the 360. All that said, I would like to know if people would prefer to have the HD Remix tournament on PS3 or 360. While most people seem to want SF4 to be on 360, I would still like to double check and make sure the voices of all HD Remix fans have a chance to be heard.

The community wanted a tournament sooner and I think that’s great. But now the pressure is higher to spread the word. I hope the mini-communities like PSU crew, Tilt Crew (through word of mouth, I don’t want to diss on their business), Ground Kontrol crowd, etc… I hope everyone won’t mind helping spreading the word. Hopefully we’ll have flyers that can be passed around soon. Nothing too fancy, but something to let people know it’s happening.

The more people that attend this tournament, the better it is for everyone (well, maybe a bit more headache for NinjetiK). Two weeks isn’t much time for promoting, so get the word out ASAP :slight_smile:

Whether it is before or after the tournament, there are a few places to hang out (before the super late night session). Here are a list of some places:

  • Shari’s (Will need a car to get here. all ages all night)
  • Red Robins (1.5 blocks away, all ages, closes around 11pm or midnight)
  • Old Chicago Pizza (less than 1 mile away, could technically walk, all ages if not in the bar)
  • Borders (1 block away. It’s not food, but maybe it’s food for thought)
  • Starbucks (1.5 blocks away, all ages, closes early though)

And there are a lot of other places to hang out before 11pm. Gresham Station is a nice area. However, if everyone hangs out so much that Versis is left alone too long after hours, I don’t know how long I can keep the store open :stuck_out_tongue: So if you want to play in the after-session late into the night, please make sure enough people are still in the store hehe.

It is very likely that there will be a big playing session after the tournament that will go late into the night (maybe even morning). Versis will let all entrants play fighting games after the tournament is over.

Of course, the late night session will be free of charge to people who have already paid to get into the tournament. For people who were not in the tournament, but would like to play the late night session, the usual $6 fee for Fighting Night applies.

Furthermore, if anyone is interested in a Poker Night, we would love to host a special Poker Night after midnight. Please let us know if you would like to be in on that! Fat Bear knows what to expect at the Poker Sessions, if one is to occur. I would assume the buy in is the usual.

For people who cannot drive, this will be a big issue. It is very likely the tournament or event will finish after 11:30pm. At this point, taking the Max will be difficult or impossible.

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A PLAN FOR TRANSPORTATION. I won’t be able to transport many people, and I will most likely have to be among the last to leave.

While it is a little bit possible that the late night session will go to 5am, I don’t even know if the Max starts running that early on a Saturday morning. And of course, it is possible the late night session, hosting tired tournament players, will just end at something like 2am.

So again, please have a plan for transportation! We want everyone to have a great tournament and perhaps even great times after the tournament!



Hell yes. This tournament will be hot. I’ll run HDR if no one else wants to.


Nice place; check it out if you haven’t. I will be there to do random moves and get 9th place. Hooray.

What kind of buy-in for poker? Something with a fraction of meaning at least?


We normally have a $5 buy in.


Google Maps?

I am definitely down for this seeing as I won’t be able to make it to any of the GameClucks tournaments, on top of my stick should arrive by then (hopefully).


yea Sam, I’ll have brackets n stuff. you can run HDR.

Poker sounds koo.


Bump…Can i get a sticky for this tourny or no?


Why is Sagat Banned? I wouldnt mind playing some good Sagats… Does anyone even play a serious Sagat other than Kurt? I vote Sagat in…I say ban Sakura… & maybe Geif…Definately Rog… :slight_smile:


This sounds great. Hope i can make it. Just one question though, how big is the turn out usually?


This is the first tournament at versis but I’m guessing it’ll draw about 25 people.


“j/k” after “(sagat is banned)” means “just kidding”


I was just giving him crap… (the sarcastic smile -->:)

How are you doing though? Haven’t played you since gamestop…

Lets get some Rose Ball going! Woot Woot!

BTW: Ninja, bring your 3D glasses… I hear when you play Seth the screen pops out at you…


Really hmm??..

Yea i wanna see seth win this tourny


Hey Ninjetik,

Let’s also post a thread in the Tournaments & Events forum. Two things I would do for the title:

  • Emphasize that it’s a Tournament
  • Emphasize that it’s in the Portland, OR area

ex. 4/17/09: Versis Fight Night Tournament - SF4/HD Remix (360) - Portland, OR

  • For the top of the body, I usually use a what/where/when/how much format:

ex. of message body

*What: Street Fighter IV (360) & Super Street Fighter II HD Remix (360) Tournaments

When: Friday April 17th, 2009 @ 8pm (signups 7:30pm)

Versis Videogame Center
1356 NW Civic Dr.
Gresham, OR 97030
(503) 491-1068

How Much: $10 entry fee per tournament

Prizes: Top 3 players of each tournament will win earnings from the prize pool. A portion of the entry fees will go to Versis to cover cost of operations and space.

1st place: 60% of prize pool
2nd place: 30% of prize pool
3rd place: 10% of prize pool

Top Seeds (based on recent tournament history):

  1. Lord BBH
  2. Slade
  3. Ben
  4. Andrew Tran *

The Aftermath
Following the tournament, there will be an after-event session (late night fighting game session going very late into the night). Tournament participants get to play fighting games for free during the aftermath. Non-tournament participants can join in for a one-time $6 fee for the night.

Food & Drinks
Versis has a No Outside Food & Beverage policy as food & drinks are sold at the venue. Food & Drink purchased at Versis can be consumed at the gaming stations (but avoid eating food around tournament participants during their matches as that can be rude to competing players ^_^).


Usually posting in the Northwest forum is sufficient. If you would like to post it go ahead. I dont think it would make that much of a difference it being a week before tourny but go ahead man.


Cool man, will do. :slight_smile:



oh crap this tournament will be hot.
ill probably go 0-2 in sf4, get 4th in hdr, and first in stardust hd.


awh shitty i missed this, what are the results? or is it next week friday?