Fight Night for Evo2k12

Fight Night is probably the most deep fighter to come out this generation. Button mashing gets you nowhere. It’s limb-based fighting is far superior to Street Fighter’s archaic button layout. The only reason you guys don’t like it is because you can’t spam fireballs all day. Fight Night doesn’t rely on gimmicks like crossups and throws. Street Fighter has baby mode blocking too. You actually have to block specific punches in fight night unlike street fighter. Basically I would like to make this thread a petition to get Fight Night into Evo. Anyone with me on this?

EDIT: Fight Night doesn’t require a special controller to play either, the barrier to entry is much lower. This is great for the community


Shut up and go play smash…

Fight Night being based off boxing would also help bring the ESports crowd together with the FGC. Big things can happen if we do this

Fight night is tons of fun. HAYMAKERS ALL FUKIN DAY BABY!

Nigga, the fuck made you think a boxing game is a mafuccin fighting game? You high?

Btw, Tekken has Superior Limb Based Combat, fuck off with that Fight Night shit.

I’m gonna try not to troll this thread. If you really seriously think Fight Night should be a major at tournaments you’ll need to start by holding side tournaments for it at major events. Keep in mind that even the community-developed Skull Girls isn’t a main game at this years Evo (A shame if you ask me, even though it’s not my type of game).

It certainly won’t happen this year. But if you’re seriously, then start with serious goals. Side tournaments at events/majors first. Then, if you get a big enough competitive following you can grow to main game at majors. Get enough of those and maybe it’ll get a shot at Evo one day. Probably not, but maybe.

Honestly, I’d rather Catherine or the new UFC game over Fight Night.

UFC isn’t a fighting game.

A+ thread. I’ll sign your petition

In that case I’m not interested.

Seriously shut up, you new kids need to stop acting like you’re apart of the fgc because you post on srk. An srk account aint shit now tell me how you are apart of the fgc and what you do for it?

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but id honestly rather have only games that can be played on a arcade stick!

I’m pretty sure almost everyone in this thread got trolled.

And you just necro’d a 1 month old dead thread. fail.

Wow, jesus. I even checked the date when I posted and thought it was new for some reason. Sorry, I’m a moron.