fight night round 3

who got it

i just knocked a nigga out in the 9th

whats your gamertag, ill be picking this game up tomorrow

the game is solid

I’ll have it in a few day’s :tup:

i bought it for xbox and all i can say is "dissapointment"
round 2 was far far better
the only thing that’s better in this one is the graphics
but that comes with a cost, this game lags like crazy offline cause the box can’t handle it
another complaint is the pace of the game is much slower, especially the haymakers, they’re pretty much useless now
i agree that in round 2, the haymakers were too dominant, but now it’s just plain useless
at least round 3 has much better music
trust me, round 2 has wayyy better gameplay
round 2 is one of my favourite games of all time, and i was pumped for this one for awhile… dissapointed