Fight Night Round 3

I can’t seem to find a thread on this, and every time I use the search function I get a blank white page. Don’t know if it’s busted or what. If so then just remove my thread and point me into the direction.

Anyways, does anyone play this game?



The long and the short of it.

Ya thats really a great answer. Could of just said no or just ignore it. I’m just wondering since it’s one of the only “fighting” type game I have online, the other being UMK3. It’s a tough bout for me to get into this fighting scene, so sorry if I asked. No need to be a dick about it.

hey guy

don’t sweat them dude.

I’m an FN3 player.

you got a favorite boxer??

Fight Night is a boxing game. Boxing is a sport, hence making it a Sports game.

But on another note. My friends are lame and only play heavyweights . I always use Holyfield. Next time I play that shit I’m prob gonna pop out Roy Jones.