Fight On! - March 6th - Waterloo, ON

Fight On! - In association with UWGamers and POWNZ Gaming Center

This year, UWGamers has teamed up with the SF4 community in the Kitchener/Waterloo area to make this years Fight On!even larger than before. The last event featured a spectacular grand finale pitting Blitzman against JDK_Mark, with Blitzman taking home the grand prize by just slivers of health. Hopefully this year’s event can be just as exciting.

First and foremost, you should know that ALL prizes will be awarded in the form of gift certificates to Futureshop (due to university club restrictions).

Date: Saturday, March 6th, 2010
1:00 pm-12:00 am

Student Life Center Multipurpose Room
University of Waterloo
200 University Ave W, Waterloo ON

Prizes/Prize pool breakdown (Subject to change):
Due to university policy, all prizes will be awarded in Future Shop/EBGames gift cards.


Tournament 1 (Street Fighter IV)
1:00 pm - Registration Begins
2:00 pm - Street Fighter IV Begins

Entry Fee: $5

Tournament 2 (Tatsunoko vs. Capcom)
1:00 pm - Registration Begins
6:30 pm - Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Begins

Entry Fee: $5

Side Tournaments:
Given the nature of this event, side tournaments will be run by whoever wishes to step up and do so, provided the equipment is available. Please read more below regarding equipment.

Casual stations will be set-up all day of different fighting games. While hopefully you can come and compete in one (or both!) tournaments to support this event, the casual stations are free to play for anyone that walks in the door.


It would be greatly appreciated if you could pre-register for this event. On the pre-registration page please indicate if you would play in a side tournament (eg. Melty Blood). Thanks!

Format for official games:

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom (Wii)
$5 entry
Double elimination tournament [99 sec timer]
2 out of 3 games per match
3 out of 5 games per semi final match
4 out of 7 games grand finals

Street Fighter IV (Xbox 360)
$5 entry
Double elimination tournament [99 sec timer]
2 out of 3 games per match
3 out of 5 games per semi final match
4 out of 7 games grand finals

Due to administrative fees, 85% of the total entrance fees for each tournament (sorry guys…potentially 90-95% if there is a large enough attendance) will be split 70/20/10 for 1st/2nd/3rd.

Other Info

  • Please bring your own controllers/sticks/adapters, as we do not have enough to provide for everyone. If you are going to step outside and you are still in the tournament, please tell somebody so we are not looking for you. There is a 5 minute window before disqualification.
  • Currently we will have 3 tvs and wii systems for TvC and POWNZ is providing 4 stations for SFIV (HDRemix and MvC2 will depend on if they can get internet connection, which is still be investigated).
    Players can bring their own systems to set-up, but due to new university policies (aka…pushing tvs around in the snow), we may not be able to provide a tv for you.
  • With that being said, PLEASE SEND ME A PM IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE BRINGING ANY EQUIPMENT. If you have already posted in this thread about doing so, could you please send me a pm anyways as it is easier to track.

Venue Information
The venue has a Tim Hortons, Subway, and a Bombshelter Pub within, as well as numerous vending machines. The SLC floor layout once you arrive can be found here: The location is held in the multi-purpose room. Ample parking is found around the campus if need be for $2-$3 dollars. Please do not bring drugs/alcohol onto the university. The Bombshelter pub serves alcohol if need be, but it is not permitted in the SLC at anytime.

Parking Map:

Venue is the one labeled “SLC” on that map!

Stickied as per request.

Looking forward to seeing how this all plays out.

Should I go to this again?
Maybe ill see you there Mark =D

I’ll go if Tatsunoko is being run as side.

I’ll go as well if theres TvC

i’ll come if mvsc2 and/or cvs2 is happening.

Pownz Power :stuck_out_tongue: GET HYPE Pownz Supports this event :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll come but would like to know if there are atleast 16 people coming.
Waterloo ain’t close you know.


there’s almost always 16+ people at the event, especially since our waterloo sf4 community is getting pretty large now (16 people is like our casuals during exam week).

I will attend and bring Hamilton’s TvC skills over with me

its been a while since I played in a tourney, the fact that this is a sunday secures my attendance. see everyone then.

It is on a Saturday. Hope to still see you there.

I’ll be at this tourney for sure. Glad to see somebody is supporting TvsC…

Marvel would be nice of course :slight_smile:

Sthd! :3

dont i feel like an asshole now.

Ill see what i can muster up then!

Side games i’d participate in:
Tekken 6
Marvel Vs Capcom 2 - your top tiers against my low tiers. LOL

Not my choice but if you guys run those games, i’ll certainly play.
I guess i’ll join SFIV too since not a lot of the good people are going.
I atleast know, i can beat a few of the good players.


Quick question about equipment

Will adapters be provided, or should we bring some? I’m not sure how many people play TvsC with pads or sticks.

I would bring with you whatever you are going to use. As I’m sure some people there wouldn’t mind you using their adapters and what not, still bring your own if possible.

We have only 2 PS2-to-GC adapters afaik, so anyone who has them should definitely bring them, if possible.

I know there isn’t alot of support for melty and i might get shit on for supporting it but if it goes down, i’ll be there (and so will a fair number of others), and i would enter sf4, maybe tvc, and probably 3s or hdr if they end up there too.

also i would be able to supply at least one ps2 + game for mb, and know a couple other people who could also if they end up coming down for mb as well