Fight On! - March 6th - Waterloo, ON

S-Blade: you should post here:

This is where we discuss all things non-SF4. :wink:

It’s probably not worth your while to attend unless MadScientist (Derek) and Sanasanasan (Francis) will be there. (In that case, maybe Ave will be interested too, since he lives over in Guelph.)

I’ll bring two PS2 to GC/Wii adaptors, even though I don’t play TvsC on stick:shy:

Hey S-Blade, that would be great if you could bring a MBAA set-up. While there are not many people here who play it (like Bill said), it would be great to get a station up to expose it, since that is the overall point of this event. If you could bring a tv with you that would be great, but if not let me know and I can probably get a tv provided for you. There will not be a tournament run though unless someone else is able to direct it (I’m gonna be busy with 2 (maybe 3) already). Please do enter at least one other tournament though, even if it is just for fun (it’s only $5.00…). There should also be a 3s casual station as well set-up at the event (confirmation pending…).

Thanks Javid for the adaptors, I’m sure they will come in handy. Just please put your name on them lol.

Also, expect a more official outline of the event to go up in the next few days.

Yo I would just like to say I’m putting up $5 on Bill “The sickest smile in the GTASF” 307 over S-Blade in Melty Blood and will personally show up to this event if this money match goes down.

(may show up even if it doesnt)

Hahaha…well Teddy, I think this has become a main event. So long as S-Blade brings his set-up (and if Bill agrees), this will be going down!

I’m afraid I have to decline that money match with S-Blade on account of me being ass in Melty Blood.

I will take MMs in TvC, tho.

:confused: You… decline? :confused:

coming anyway with mb and ps2 and stuff, since it might be possible to run an 8-man (zansatsu is interested in coming, kaaai should be, as well as b2. so that would make for 4 just counting us…i’d expect there to be enough)

MBAA tourney eh. Not sure if I’ll have enough time to join you guys with that (I suck anyways), but that’d be cool. I hope to magically attract new local players too.

I will take you up on that offer Bill. $5 MM?

Melty Blood is nothing like Arcana Heart. But TvC is. :woot:

If MBAA runs, I’ll enter it as long as it doesn’t overlap TvC. :tup: (last place here I comeee~)

First to ? On one hand I wanna say 3 since it’s only five bux, but on the other hand I wanna say 5 'cause it could be a real match. What do you say?

Lets do 5 :karate:

:tup: IT’S ON!

Uhh Duran I thought you weren’t going to even train for this game. You have money to throw away now eh?

And Javid your smile faces in this topic are so cute, I just want to pinch your cheeks.

Anyway I gotta remember to book that day off cause I know I’ll be working. Lets hope I get it off

I’m likely to come out to Waterloo for some TvC. I can also bring my console to set up another Melty station.

Just to let everyone know not to bring too much Melty. I can promise a tv for one station…anymore and you will either have to bring your own or wait until TvC is used to set up the other one.

Yeah i wasn’t, not really as motivated as i was when the game first came out in Japan, but atleast now i have a reason to train in the game… so i’m $5 richer.

Alright cool I have that day off I think. So I actually have to train.

Major Update to Fight On! information, and as far as I know all information is final!

Please pre-register!

Hope to see everyone there!

Potential time switches everyone…SF4 at 2:00 pm, TvC at 6:30 pm. Please post up if there are any major issues, but it is looking like it might swing to this. Sorry if this inconveniences anybody.