Fight on the Street! Tracy, CA! Gamestop Midnight Release Tourney

You are invited to test your skills at the premier “Street Fighter IV” tournament in Tracy. The tournament will run from 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM. After the tournament we are co-enciding with the midnight release for “Super Street Fighter IV” for Xbox 360 and PS3. If you haven’t done so already, reserve you copy today. Everyone is invited and you DO NOT NEED TO BE THE BEST TO ENTER. It’s all about fun and learning new tricks. The rules are as follows:

Playstation 3 based tournament
Free to Play
Bring your own controller
Double Elimination
Seth is banned
Only default controls allowed (type a, b, and c)

In the famous words of that announcer; “It all depends on your skill! Go for Broke!!!”!/event.php?eid=115305508487883#wall_posts

Any sort of prize?

Which Gamestop is this? Who runs the store? Brian or James?

Seth is banned…lol

Hahaha thats funny. Seth is banned… You guys might as well ban Akuma and Gouken too… I mean they’re boss characters too right…?

L()L its funny how theres hardly ANYYYYY seth players out there and people cry to the venues when they dont know the match up but really seth is fair , u never see seth winnin in them big tourneys or anything