Fight pad execution


I’m not new to the street fighter series but I am new to playing it or trying to play it properly. I bought the xbox 360 fight pad. I tried using the xbox controller but it only ended in frustration as it’s so difficult to use. I was hoping the fight pad would be a good alternative but sadly I found that inputing directional commands in to the fight pad is very unresponsive.

Before I fork out for an arcade stick I was wondering if I just need to practise more with the fight pad or if it’s going to keep hindering my progress. Has anyone managed to finish any trials using the fight pad?


the d-pad is pretty horrible. I say that you should invest in a joystick.


“the d-pad is pretty horrible.”

This is one thing I don’t see.

I have 2 fightpads – one for PS3 and one for 360, and I have no problem with the d-pad on either.

I got both about 2-3 years ago, and they still work fine. I know people who have gone through 3 or 4 pads.

Maybe I’m just lucky?


Don’t get me wrong the fight pad is a good alternative but i don’t see it as an accurate tool. I can pull off all the special moves no problem but when it comes to super combos, ultra combos and cancelling I’m at a loss.


people are able to use both 360/PS3 controllers. Most people would choose the PS3 one over 360(360 blow IMHO).


Hey if the d-pad is THAT horrible, wanna send me your Hori fighting Commander 3? hehe.

I think i’d have a delightful experience with it on marvel.


Hey I’m good with the xbox pad you can play with anything if you practice enough. But I would suggest getting a te.


Ok here’s a challenge for someone. I’d like to see somebody post a video of them completing the trials for a character with no cuts in the video and using the fight pad. I’d like to see how long it takes them and how much trouble they have trying to do it.

Does anyone see a problem with the 3ds edition? I can’t see execution being easy on that little device.


It’s really not that hard to use a pad over a stick. If Vangief and Wolfkrone can do it, I don’t see why no one else can.
Using the pad/controller just takes more practice than it usually would with a fightstick.