Fight Pad for PS3


I’m fairly new to Marvel Vs. Capcom and I was just wondering what is a good fight pad for PS3. I don’t have enough money for an arcade stick and I thought a fight pad would make a good alternative. I was looking at this:
Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Gets a Fight Pad - Gear News at IGN
Even though its only for Xbox, the article says if it has good reviews they would make one for PS3. Should I wait for the new fight pad to come out on PS3, buy a SF4 fight pad, or use something else.
Oh by the way I use the analog stick and not the D-Pad.


Get a USB Saturn Pad


Some good PS3 fight pads include

Super Street Fighter IV Fight pad by Mad Catz
NeoGeo Pad USB for PS3, (now out of production you you have to try sites like ebay)
Sega Saturn USB Controller (Make sure to get the one made by Sega and not a knock off)
SNES USB pad (Not an actual Nintendo Product, all knock offs)

Out of all of them, the SNES USB pad is hit or miss depending on the manufacture

You can also get a good PS2 (or other system with a good fight pad) Fight pad and attach that to a PS2 to USB adapter

If you go the PS2 pad route, make sure you read this for which adapters are the best

I did well with a rare Sega Saturn PS2 controller and a PS2 to USB adapter.


Hori’s Commander Pad for PS3 should be good, too, but it’s only available through import stores and not every importer has it in stock. It has a six-button face layout like the arcade. Can’t vouch for the D-pad and honestly I’ve never played with a Hori pad.

If you don’t like blue as the pad color (which is what JapanVideoGames has in stock), you might try to get a different color through Play-Asia. For the moment, the black colored Commander Pad is on backorder last time I checked…


Aww, I forgot about the Hori Pad


You can get the Hori Fighting Commander 3 from Japan Video Games.
Buy HORI Fighting Commander 3 (Blue) HP3-78 - - Order Now!


Someone was selling a black one in the TO recently, but I can’t find the post.


The Hori Fight Pad sounds interesting but I don’t really like the way the D-Pad looks on that. Did anyone happen to use the XBOX Fight Pad that I mentioned above?


There is a thread on it here:


Check It Out

I haven’t been able to find one of these MVC3 pads by PDP. It is true that PDP used to be pelican but I suspect it may actually be a good product. When a company changes its name it usually hints at buy out and reformation. Example is LG. The precursor company was sunstar or some shit and it was known for low quality products, now people love their shit. Another example is MadCatz, they make crap but they acquire Sanwa parts and all of a sudden they’re the shit. Anyway…

If you go the converter way, pick up one of these- search Street Fighter Anniversary Controller for PS2 on, the styles and prices vary in your favor. Now, from what I know these are quite good. If anyone says otherwise please correct this. The converter that the person used was a YOBO.

The MadCatz pad is alright, I have it. It happens to be one of those, work with what you got and it’ll work for you. Shizza a chun-li player uses one of those fight pads. I personally dislike floating D-Pads.

The other ones mentioned above fall under the, I can’t find these category. Although I’d love to get that SNK one.


I bought a Hori Fighting Commander 3 for a friend to play Arcana Heart on it, and he likes it a lot more than the DualShock controllers.

The D-pad has a groove in the center, making movement on it supposedly easier.



Is this the ones you speak of? And what converter do I need? I didnt like the SF X T Pad but I really liked the SF4 Pad…This is much cheaper…Let me know which of these is it and what converter I would need thank you!

PS A friend of mine claims converters are unreliable…IS this true sir?!?


Do all the Snes USB controllers work on the PS3? Which brand is the best?




You want the first run Sega Saturn USB controllers by Sega and not the Play Sega controller.
Many converters are unreliable, try toe converter thread

Officially if you ask Sony, none of them do.
Unofficially, only those controllers which are Generic HID PnP compliant would work for fight pads, but the quality is all over the spectrum from almost-the-same-as-OEM to dubious (depending on the manufacturer).


Would this one work on a PS3?

People are claiming that it’s the closest thing to a OEM Snes pad.


No clue


According to this review it should work.


Dang that’s a dead link :frowning:
I was thinking about buying a ps2 fight pad, but wasn’t sure about adapters to make it compatible


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