Fight Pad

Ive recently been on the virge of quitting after not being able to use my stick for over 3 weeks… just cant do anything with it. I wanted to just use my 360 controller lol but I realized while I may be better it has 0 potential. I forgot my brother has a fightpad, tried it out first time EVER using it never used a pad for any game before won first 4 matches did all my combos easier than the stick. I know stick is better but I seriously recommend trying the pad if anyone is having trouble with other controllers=)

I own both the Fight Pad & Hori EX 2 pad. I’m sticking with the EX 2 pad. The D-Pad is smaller thus more precise for me. I feel that the Fight Pad D-pad is too big, soft and clunky for charge characters and to do quick dashes into Ultras or FADC cancels. The buttons are smaller and more reasonable on the EX 2 as well. I’m landing 1 frame links MUCH better than I was with the Fight Pad. You should give it a try.

you really oughta keep trying with the stick.

i highly recommend going into training mode on HD REMIX (NOT sf4) and trying things.

thats how i got used to it. sf4 is far too leniant.

the fightpad will break on you, just like it did to me, and to a lot of others.

also, if youre a fellow chunner (i assume you are because of the avatar) the dash ultra just seems impossible on a pad… maybe its just me

The Mad Catz Fightpad works well enough for me on PC.

Buy one (or a few) of these:

They’re available on ebay for cheap. Best gamepad in the world. I ended up buying eight of them.