Fight Profile error? Anyone else stuck on old LP/no data under Fight Profile?


So I’m currently a 1,175 point Super Bronze fighter and my Fighter Profile has been STUCK at 1,155 all day. When I boot up my profile, it has no information, no favorite character or anything! My ranking updates in the leaderboards but that’s it.

Oh, and apparently the last time I played SFV was June 7th of 1906. :o any thoughts/suggestions?



Yeah same here (minus the date, no idea right now)

Fighter Profile, especially the data (like hit rate etc) NEVER worked for me.

Either it bugs, is a work in progress or just starts working once you did a couple hundred matches…


I’ve had the same issue for around 2 weeks


My date is fine and my LP are good but there is no fight data everythings stuck on 0%. Is there a way to see how many hours we’ve played?


Thanks dudes, looks like all my stats are updated after the server maintenance tonight!

At this time, I don’t think there is. I liked keeping track of my Win/Loss back in all the iterations of SF4, it’s a bummer we don’t have advanced stats anymore…