Fight sitck for PC and SFV indecision

Hi guys I wiill play Street fighter V on PC next year and KOF series…i have some trouble which arcade stick buy for these 2 series(I have no money problem):
-etokki omni sanwa
-etokki omni Korean
-hitbox arcade(stickless)
A lot of peoplw said me etokki have better material then madcatz and qanba series, is true?? Bterr Japanese or Korean version in your opinion and why?? What do u think about hitbox arcade???

And for good measure:

Japanese parts versus korean parts is a matter of personal preference. That said, getting one made for japanese parts would give you far more options down the line to try different things out. Hitboxes are more like playing on a keyboard- some people really like it but the majority of players use a stick or a pad- expect more of a learning curve if you’re not used to playing fighters on a keyboard with the HB. The ettoki sticks use good cases and good buttons/levers, but the pcb they use is prone to failure. Replacing the pcb for pc use is cheap and easy if you really want the etokki, just beware there’s a decent chance you would end up having to.

thx for answer…so if I buy an etokki I have to replace pcb?? i dont understand whats mean i am a pad user… :disappointed: