Fight stick advice? anyone?

hello, I am new here and I have a question…anyways, I have not seriously played a fighting game since ken fighter 2 (street fighter 2), and now I am wanting to get back into fighting games again (blazblue and SSFIV:AE I am working with Cody and Hazama). I tried using controller and that is just not working at all. So the question is, what is currently the best fight stick around? I keep hearing that Madcatz is good, and so is hori…what do you guys think?

Well I got the MadCatz TE stick and no problems with it since I bought it which was like 3 months ago. Some people say there is no best fight stick but I dont know if I should agree with that or not being that this is my first fight stick.

just get a madcats brawl stick and customize it if you don’t want to go through all that trouble of buying parts and opening the arcade stick ( don’t worry all this stuff is easy). you could just buy the TE and go to cross counter TV there still giving the discount code right now 20% off. :smiley:

The Madcatz Tournament Edition and the Hori V3/VX sticks are great. If you are cheap, go with the Brawl Stick. I started with a cheap stick and I grew to regret it.

hmmm, thx for that. I think I will probably go with Madcatz TE round 2…I love art mods lol. but I would like to hear some opinions as well, just to make sure. But yea private eyeball I dont think i will be cheap about chosing a fight stick, I play Starcraft 2 and a cheap mouse or a crappy keyboard can get you killed lol.

hey i bought the cheap SE fight stick when it came out and customized it no regrets :smiley:

The TE stick is great, but be prepared to deal with the steep learning curve going from pad to stick.

Also if you’ve never played with Jappanese parts before, that takes some getting used to as well, I’m still getting used to it.

snag a TE when they go on sale.

read the stickies