Fight stick button spacing regulations


Well, in the end, I guess this doesnt matter, because tbh, I’m hardly better than a skilled scrub. I wont be joining any real tournaments. BUUT ill ask anyways. I do decently enough.

Are there space requirements for buttons in tournaments? or are you allowed to place them how ever you like, as long as you use acceptable parts?
Are you allowed to space the six main punch / kick buttons how ever you would like them across the face of the fight stick plate?

I was thinking about moving my Punch buttons much closer together and turning their angle slightly,
but more drastically, I was thinking about moving the light kick and heavy kick buttons further away,
especially the light kick. I am thinking of dropping that button down two or three inches below the rest of the pack, because I press that button with the side of my thumb anyhow, and giving a nice 4- 5 inch space between the two is a much more natural hand position.

I hate crimping my fingers and thumb. Im going to space the buttons under a much more relaxed hand position. about 80 percent of the way towards a flat opened hand, if you were to rest your hand on the face plate. not completely spaced that far.
More like the posture your hand takes, while its on a keyboard. (not crimped like they are on home row either).

Anyways, Am I allowed to space the buttons on the faceplat how ever I want?
or are people going to cry fowl ?


also, Ill probably grind the lip of the punch buttons down, on the east and west sides, so they but up closer to each other.
not so deeply as to cut into the button houseing or button itself, just the outer lip that holds the button above the hole, just the sides, enough so that the lip is filed back a few millimeters.
I dont like how far apart default buttons are spaced.


There are no regulations for button spacing in tournaments.
There are also no rules for layout.

The spacing requirements are more of a engineering limitation rather than a tournament rule.

You want enough Space where buttons can physically sit next to each other. You do not want the button holes too close or you risk weakening material in the top panel. Plexys are known to crack if 2 holes are too close to each other, also metal and plastic shown stress fratures and and wear and tear when holes are set too close.

What default spacing, what stick (and layout) you have now?

You can switch to 24 mm buttons which allow for slightly closer buttons, and a smaller spred for your layout.


Thanks, I will probably switch to 24mm on the next faceplate I make, I was thinking about plate stress also.
Ill only be leaving a millimeter or two between buttons, but it wont be a full six pack, it will be a three pack of close punch buttons. That should help a bit.
Ill just have to check it from time to time. I have a friend who can make a few faceplates pretty easily.

That makes a lot of sense, I was thinking of, in terms of self made, self maintained, but for generic longer lasting purposes, I guess they would have to go with the safer of the two options.


Also having the panel primarily being metal over Plexy will help with how close the buttons can get.
If you get too close with plexy, you can crack the plastic right away. Metal Like Steel or Aluminum can take a bit of abuse.