Fight stick choices?

I have the cheaper Street fighter 4 stick and i just don’t like it feels cheap in my hands, Looking to upgrade to a TE is it much sturdier? Also im also looking at this stick as i hear the TE might need upgrading to make it better? (is that correct?)

This is the other sanwa stick i was looking at , anyone use it?



te doesn’t need any upgrades. solid retail stick.

Seeing as you already have the SE stick, might I suggest that you just replace the stock parts in it with Sanwa parts instead of buying an entirely new stick?

It’s very easy to do, just drop in and replace. The only tools you would need is a phillips head and maybe a small flathead screwdriver to remove the quick-disconnects.

the TE is like a brick house

EXTREMLY solid design

i love it way more than my plastic case stick i modded with sanwa parts

TE don’t need no upgrading at all.

i’ve pounded on my TE like a retarded chimpanzee when shit goes awry online and it still performs. Its a great stick.

If someone threw their TE out of a moving car on a highway, I wouldn’t be surprised if it still worked fine. They are built that well.

Gotta remember you may be putting like say 15-20 hours of play in it a week, while the same parts are being used in arcade machines and are used like 65+ hours a week, and they usually last, so TE sticks definatly can last. Plus people don’t try to conserve the buttons at all at arcades, mashers and people that seem to punch the buttons play on them and they still withstand the test of time.

Same here. It’s a very good stick

hrap 3s are good as well, the stick to get is the VSHG imo but they are expensive and hard to come by. I <3 mine way more than the TE.

do NOT buy that one you found on Ebay. Either get the TE or just replace the buttons and joystick in the SE. TE is perfect when it comes out of the box.

^ matter of opinion. Every person has a different taste.

^^ yeah its only my opinion, but were the TC to pick up the Ebay stick, they’d have to deal with a weird variant of the japanese button layout as well as avoid the the start button every time they went to hit “Y”. I’d be scared of “piano shoryuken on wake up, pause game, DQ”.