Fight Stick Dual Mod Tutorial For All Levels


Here is a series of videos I made explaining the basic run down for dual modding a fight stick. It’s made to help beginners understand how it is exactly done and why certain steps are taken.




Need help with fightstick xbox 360/xbox one dual mod
PS3 encoder Ebay?

This should help a lot of people out, thanks for posting this.


nice video.

quick question, what if I want ps1 pcb and xbox360 pcb in there? if I understand correctly I need to wire all directions+buttons and hook up ground and 5+ from both pcbs together and not power on both pcbs at the same time. sounds about right? I am gonna play around with it later on.


Everything you stated is correct except both pcb have to be powered on at the same time. When you connect the 5v and ground that will power both of them. Make sure that the ps1 pcb is compatible with your 360 pcb first. They do not all work together.


I meant not turn on both console at the same time with both controllers connected(common sense tells me that would fry the pcbs or controller port). how do I find out which ps1 pcbs are compatible?? all I have is official sony dualshock pads.


Here you go.


Thanks man


Nice tutorial. One question. How do I know which is the ground on the madcatz pcb?




Wow. Great job man. Nominated for article.


Just check out your control model number. Then do a search for it to see if its common ground. A lot of them are.


thx alot for the great videos man really helped me out. I was wondering if theres been any attemps or if it was possible to mod it to work for the wii aswell?


I dont see why not. Just check around the forums, im sure someone has done this.