Fight stick execution help


after a week of playing on a fightstick, im getting pretty comfortable and smooth with it lol.
now im stuck on hcbx2 combos
for example trial wants you to do a stand or couch b then a hcbx2 a or b
i can never do on time
it seems too little time to perform such combo
when i try to speed up my input i screw up
anyone ever success at doing this? if so any tips?


Just so you know Trial combos aren’t the combos you will be using it real matches, so don’t worry about it too much if you can’t do them.

Have you looked at Vesper Arcade’s videos? They have completed all the trials.


i know but this combo is usable in real matches
just seems too hard


you need to input hcb down b hcb ant the button you need to the DM
i cant explaint my self to well but you need to buffer the motion within your normal
then just do a hcb