Fight Stick Help


Recently my Street fighter 4 standard edition fight stick has been acting up. all the buttons wouldnt work until i unplugged it and plugged it back. i recently installed a new sanwa joystick and i was looking for some help on this matter. anyone has any ideas?


Can you give us more info?
What system is your SE is for, whats all the mods you done on your stick, how long did you have it?
How do you store your Stick and it’s USB cable when you are done?
If you redid wiring, photos


i’ve had it for one year now and its for xbox 360. i had 8 sanwa buttons added and it was ok but i reordered the button layout to have the top row as LB,X,Y,RB and teh bottom row as LT,A,B,RT. and at the same time i added a sanwa joystick. when im done with the arcade stick i unplug it and lay it flat on a table so the wire isnt wrapped around or twisted.