Fight Stick in Canada at EB?

Has anyone in Canada received their fight stick pre-order yet? My EB isn’t able to tell me anything except that they were supposed to come out on the 18th. I haven’t seen anyone online say they’ve gotten theirs yet either. What the hell is going on? I know the TE is delayed until March, but the standard wasn’t supposed to be. There aren’t even fight pads anywhere.

If anyone finds an extra SE stick in Canada please let me know. I’ve been looking for one.

My local eb here in Edmonton says they’re getting them in on the 15th of March =(

Argh. I just got off the phone with EB. Canada received 80 sticks. 80?!? That is absolutely ridiculous. Worst part is- I can almost guarantee I was one of the first 80 in the country but they accidentally ordered me a fight pad instead. When I corrected it, it was too late. Now I’ve got Sanwa parts coming and nothing to put them in. AWESOME.

I just got off the phone with, and they changed their notice with me (who pre-ordered the stick), from shipping this week to now shipping in April (This has been a shit day for me so far -.-).

I’m probably going to hold onto the pre-order for now (better to go with the supposedly sure thing), unless I get a SE sooner from somewhere else.

If anyone wants to sell their 360 SE (Working or Broken!) lemme know :stuck_out_tongue:

That can’t possibly be right. Anyways, I’m in Quebec, Montreal and my SE has been pre-ordered for 2 months now. Since I’m so smart I decided to order Sanwa parts to replace the buttons and the joystick without even having the freaking stick in hand. Now I’m stuck with a 360 controller playing SF IV and with parts that I may never even use! I better get that stick…

Edit: Btw, I called my local EB Games today and they said that they should recieve the sticks this week. That’s what they said last week too! >_>

Same situation here. Parts, no case, and 1 broken controller haha. My local EB told me they don’t know when they’re getting their shipment. Hopefully I won’t have to wait a month. O pre-ordered the SE mainly because my TE pre-order from play-asia got delayed until march.

And now I need a new xbox controller too… :frowning:

at least you guys have the game, still hasnt shipped my Collectors edition so I started searching for one and cant find it anywhere, no TE no game and extremely bitter

Why can’t EB give a definitive answer?
I hate how they say sticks are coming in next week, EVERY single week.
Different EB’s giving out different answers also doesn’t help.
If they don’t know, just say so.
very very frustrating.

I preordered from Eb at the scarborough town center in december and I got it on the 18th of february. I was told they only got 2 sticks. Not sure if thats because thats all they could get or if thats all the preorders they took. but yea.

2??? that’s pretty pathetic for such a high traffic location. I pre-ordered from the woodside square EB.

Well considering that Canada as a whole only got 80 sticks total (supposedly), when spread out across Canada along with other high traffic areas, such as downtown Toronto or Montreal, this may be a fair amount.

I don’t know if this is well known or not, but I was talking with the manager of my local EB. Apparently EB Canada has only one distribution center in all of Canada, and that’s in Toronto. Once a game or product is released and it doesn’t have a firm release date, the only thing keeping it from being on the shelves is the time it takes to get delivered to the store from Toronto.

It’d really be nice if Canada would’ve had these already, though. I kind of want to get a fightpad. I am really getting annoyed with my PS3 controller and I’m getting impatient waiting for my TE.

I got my SE on the 11th, but I had ordered it from the U.S. Gamestop. It shipped to Atlantic Canada for 19 dollars, plus 12 for duty. It might be worth checking out if you’re getting impatient? It shipped on the 10th and I received it on the 11th.

The 80 number came from head office, so everyone knows. Not just a manager talking out of his ass. I’d believe it since I’ve seen no one confirm they’ve got one.

xtommygunx, come on now. The sticks are completely sold out everywhere. I can’t just order from Gamestop now :stuck_out_tongue:

How in the hell did I double post.

I went to the EB at elgin mills + 404 and also at 16+woodbine in markham and both said they not sure when the sticks (if ever) will be in and won’t take my money for pre-order.

I am not sure why we don’t have any info


Well the EBs in Pickering went from “Having the Stick on the 18th” to “We have no idea when we’ll get the sticks”, which annoys the hell out of me, since I wasted time going to EB on the 18th for the stick -.-

I am going to try the EB in scarlem to see if they have any luck


Hey everyone. I got the SE yesterday afternoon at the Pacific Center EB Games in downtown Vancouver. They called at 2pm PST, notifying me my pre-order was in.

I was told last Weds when I picked up my copy of SF4 (which is also now sold out at this location) that the SE was coming in this week.

My SE is perfect, with no defects. Great stick but I can see better stick/buttons making a bit of a difference.

I pre-ordered the SE and the TE one month ago. They told me the TE is to arrive mid-march. Can’t wait.

Good luck.