Fight Stick in Canada (Online)


Hi guys, I’m pretty new in the fighting game scene but I’d love to get into it. I’ve searched around the forums for websites that sell fight sticks in canada preferably the Mad Catz TE fight stick, but all those threads I’ve seen are quite outdated and I thought I’d give it a try with a new post.
So can anyone provide me some links or some online retailers around canada so I dont have to pay brokerage and duties and stuff, also I think shipping is faster nationwide. And if you guys are wondering I’m from edmonton alberta. Help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


I’ve recently started up Canadian Joysticks LTD to help out my local Vancouver scene and fellow Canadian fighters. I have a couple MadCatz TE sticks left in stock and I use Canada Post to ship to coast to coast. I’m trying to get an idea of what everyone wants and become the Canadian supplier for them.

If you happen to be in the area, Vancouver is holding another tournament in March. I’m one of their official sponsors and staff volunteers. We had about a 100 people show up last time and we’re hoping more will turn up.**-volume-2**-march-5-2011-ssf4-tournament-xbox360-264979/


If you’re in Toronto and if you can wait at around march, I’m starting my customs building again then.


Canada Cup Gaming - Arcade Sticks


I have been searching online stores for two days and I can’t find anything under 200$ including shipping in Canada. As much as I want a stick, I’m not paying double what US residents pay.


Hey man, my buddy recently got a madcatz TE S from not .ca. If you check it out there there are certain outlets that sell through amazon that will ship to canada. I’d say that’s your best bet. He got it for around $160 as well, and amazon even refunded him $15 a month later because the price of shipping on the stick dropped.


Unfortunately, these resellers are buying from the US Retail then they have to mark up the price to make a profit reselling the controller. I sort of know how you feel when I have to pay double to get a Japanese game shipped to the US. If had the funds I would buy and ship TEs for only a 10% markup not including S&H. Even then that 10% adds up to you guys our neighbors in the north.


Do have a picture/example of the customs builds you make? and what about the price range?


I really want to get an SE stick for MvC3 tomorrow. Amazon is charging me about 40 dollars for shipping, this makes me extremely mad. :mad:

Is there anyone who can provide another reliable website for fight sticks such as the Madcatz SE?


Whats the URL for this fightstick? Do you live in the US, if so you could try gamesharks online store.


I live in British Columbia. Now I’m not sure if I should bite and get the SE stick before it goes. Only if there was somewhere else that offers the SE stick for cheap.


Hey blackadde, is that sight legitimate?


Yeah, it is.


Would you guys know any Capcom Store promo codes?


Ummm… wha?? Anyway, I think your best bet is ebay.


Crap, they only have the Chun-Li TE S for the ps3. Does anyone else know any good online dealers that have fast shipping? I was thinking of ordering from or capcom store but I’m not sure how good their shipping and handling are, have anyone tried to get something from them?


ebay, idk, i find it easier to trust other sites than ebay haha.


wait where exactly are you from?
i know one of the places here in toronto where they have casuals (heroes world) sells sticks


Is this their website? - Link. What did you mean by casuals?


oh they have a gathering every wednesday or so to play SF in the store, here’s the thread

he’s buying a few more sticks to stock up for MVC3