Fight stick (mad catz) rarity

I’ve had a mad catz te edition fightstick for a couple of years now and from what I’ve read about it it’s the round 1 street fighter 4 edition. And I’ve seen them on eBay and other websites for huge prices. Are these quite rare? The stick is below, (i hope the link worked, if it didn’t the stick is black and red with street fighter 4 printed on the bottom right) also, random question concerning stick. Are these supposed to have a headphone jack? Mine has what looks like a rectangular groove at the base yet nothing opens, always thought that strange.|0%3Bd|hMZQU7cue6EZGM%3A

Not rare at all. People on eBay call things rare all the time hoping some sucker believes it and spends a lot on it under that assumption.

You have the PS3 version, they don’t have a headphone jack, but I guess they share the same mold in a way that the have that spot.

Ah, I just wondered being prices were upwards of 380 bucks. Which is crazy.

Some people sell new in box stuff that are out of print for very high prices in hope a collector will pick that up. If it’s not NIB 300 bucks is a joke.

I’ve seen all kinds of stuff listed as rare on e-bay. Not long ago someone was selling a Qanba Q4RAF saying it was a rare item. Go figure…