Fight stick mod for PSP

I was wondering if anyone here had already made a custom mod stick to connect on to PSP. That would be so cool… I tried to google this up, but no one seemed have done it yet.

You’ll probably need a tvout mod to go with it otherwise playing on that tiny screen would be hellish.

There are some dpad mods for it. Be careful disassembling it because I cracked the LCD on mine in the process. :bluu:

it could be, but i think there would probably be inventive guys out there. i mean for now it’s not feasible.

ouch… i had 3 psp’s just for the colors,but never tried opening it. although i saw one very clean mod finish of Dual Shock 2 controller to PSP-1000 (Phat) made by someone from coolmods i think.

Yeah, I can imagine a db15 cable coming out the PSP. I bet I could do it with a diagram assuming there’s points to solder to.

Isn’t there a built in tv out plug now on the PSP?

Doesn’t all the new PSPs have component TV output already?

Slim PSP’s have component output cable

Yup they do. I just want to see a mod in it. Sometimes the psp feels weary for long period of play time, especially for fighting games.

You can use any ps3/xbox controller via RemoteJoy on your computer

I suppose so…