*Fight Stick Modding*


I have one of the old MadCatz SFIV SE fight sticks and compared to my Hori stick, it’s garbage. I’m looking to replace the buttons, get a new joy on it and maybe even some different art work.

Obviously, I’m going to put Sanwa buttons on it and order a new joy from MadCatz, but I still have a couple of questions.

What size are the face buttons on the SE stick?

What material do I use to print off a new design for the art work?

I tried doing some research online and found not a whole lot that answered what questions I have. I’m new to stick modding, so any information helps!


I will move this to the Tech Talk forum for you. :tup:


They are 30mm. A lot of people prefer lami label, but you can use card stock. Try not to use gloss as the colours can come out funky.


Problem with adding art to the SE is you would need to add plexi and attach it to the face somehow. You could get someone like Jasenscustoms to print your desired at into vinyl and stick it on top aloud plexi.


No one offers plexy for a Mad Catz SE. Art of Art hobbies tried, and the heating required to bend the plexy keep on warping the plexy where is unusable for stick use.


I was going to just plexi the flat part. Didnt look too good, its why I unloaded both of my SEs.


So, hold on. Tell me if I’m wrong or not, I’m still very new to modding.

Essentially, from what I understand, there is a plexi cover and underneath a laminated sticker print. Wouldn’t I just be able to take the print out and then use the same cover or does it not work like that? I’ve tried taking apart the stick but I need jeweller’s tools or something like that to take some parts out.

I’m sorry if this is all making you facepalm. I’m somewhat clueless but very interested in modding.


The SE art is stuck into the metal panel with an adhesive, there is no plexiglass involved. To remove it, you need to remove the whole panel, the stick, and the buttons, then peel it off. Prepare to put a lot of work into removing the sticker remnants. Do a search for complete directions on replacing the art. Personally, I just painted mine.


I will prepare to do so. Does anyone happen to know somewhere I could print off an overlay to replace the sticker on the metal plate? There was a guy who offered to do it for me at a decent price, but I haven’t back from him :s


There are guys who can print laminated vinyl art that you stick on. Most other premium sticks are under plexi. I’d tried to print art for the top 2/3 part above the bend and was going to put plexi over just that part, but it looked terrible.


I’ve just been using the template available from MadCatz. Will it look messed up if I try to print it?


I went ahead and printed it anyways. It turned out great using the MadCatz template.

Link is here for anyone who needs to use it for their SE sticks