Fight stick... need help

I would recommend getting a used T.E.

There might only be round 1 and 2’s floating around, but they are exactly the same as the new ones.
You can probably find one for $70 shipped.

Actually the Street Fighter SE is about $60, any more is over priced, the WWE Stick goes for $80, practically the same stick but the buttons and joystick is improved.

Still I think you are better off getting ether a Mad Catz TE or Hori Hrap. Buying online isn’t that bad especially as the selection can be limited at local stores.

If you are going for a dual-mod look for a Xbox 360 version as it is easier to add PS3 functionality to a existing Xbox 360 Stick than to add Xbox 360 functions to a PS3 stick. If you do not have and/or use a Xbox than that statement is pointless

Let me tell you something. I have had the chance to use both, and at the end of the day I purchased a used TE-S(the model you posted) because I saw a great opportunity for a deal as the previous owner had upgraded to a Real Arcade Pro Premium VLX. I’ll tell you now, if you mod an SE, it won’t be that bad of a stick, but it was too light for me. Weight could be added to it, but I wouldn’t go through all that trouble, there isn’t even enough room for my left hand due to my style of holding the joystick. The stick may be a week or two worth of work for you, but the payoff is great, you are getting the utmost quality and the utmost in service. If you have an SE and a part dies there is no way Madcatz will help you out, but if you have a TE and your PCB or cable door dies, they will more than likely send you a new one if you give them a call.

I realize it seems tough to justify, but honestly I would just spend the extra money on the better TE.

Looks like im gonna but the TE stick (hopefully a BB TE stick for the design) now knowing that im switching majors which has a much cheaper tuition. Thank you all

In my area there are a couple HRAPs and a couple TEs going for less than $100 on Craigslist. Check local if you can and see if you can score yourself a deal.

They made this sticky thread just for this question.

at they have these two sticks. These are good too. You should consider this especially if you get the Xbox 360 version.

Of course if you’re name is JayZ Jermain Dupri and money aint a thang…

Sorry bro but money is a thang to me lol. I dont buy things online, but with that being said, would it be possible for me to preorder a TE stick at an EBgames or Gamestop?

Ask your local GS/EB if they have some in stock or if they plan to get more in stock. Or just show up to the store. I personally think you’d have better luck looking online for a stick, unless you are 100% sure the stick you want is available at your local store.

Does anyone kno the best place to order a fight stick online? I was thinking EB games but alot of people seem to trust amazon

I usually purchase from Amazon but I don’t think right now is the best time, everything has seemed to come up 20%-30% and in some cases 50% more than usual.

hm, wierd. well anyways, is the square gate that much of a pain in the ass? or would I be able to deal with it, because if im gonna order online i mite as well get a 8 way gate. Also I would like the BB TE fight stick so is that as customizable as the SF TE stick?

The Square Gate already is 8-Way.
And is opposite of being pain.

If money is an issue, why not just buy a used stick from craigslist or something? Also, I don’t think there are any places that sell the Blazblue stick new anymore.

Nah, im looking at the Hori one for 120 on Amazon. I would get the BB one but its 220 over my budget… HA! And I heard that square is a pain for qcf characters (me maining Yang in SSFIV AE and Ragna in BB). It would be a 5 dollar buy anyways, plus I heard Hori’s are real easy to customize

Sorry for the double post, but I kinda dont have any way of paying with a credit card. I could by a prepaid visa but im not sure if that would work. There was also an option for amazon gift cards but ive never seen those. I live in Canada (Brampton Ontario) so can anyone help me out here? I would also like to see a pic of the card if you advise to use a prepaid visa card

Ask the seller about payment options, not us. No one in their right mind would send you a picture of their card.

Prepaid Visa cards work on Amazon for purchases. Just put the card number and CCV code on the back in like you would do for a credit card and have it as VISA. Try and check out everything about what stick you’re going to buy, such as the price, the amount for shipping and handling, and the tax applied if any, so that you know you have enough on your prepaid card to save yourself a headache.

? I was talking about PREPAID visa cards, knowing there are diff versions of them. And I told you the payment options, which was credit cards and amazon gift cards, me having neither of and wondering if I could use a prepaid visa instead of a actual visa, which is why I asked for someone to post a picture of the prepaid visa I should use if advised to

I think the gates are more of a preference thing. I can play with it perfectly fine. I think it’d be better to try it out first and if you can’t get use to it then switch.

can you post me a pic of which prepaid visa I should use?