Fight Stick or SSFIV 3D?


I’m facing a bit of a predicament right now; I will soon have the opportunity of buying a SE fightstick modded with Sanwa buttons and joystick for $95, yet SSFIV 3D is coming soon… What should I opt for; Street Fighter 3DS, or a decent FightStick?


Most definitely the stick. Playing super on a 3ds will be fun and all, but the stick would be the better choice. Or you could get a job and buy both. I know I will be picking up a 3ds with super on launch. Also low ball your friend with the stick. I bought one new for $55. at my gamestop. I know it comes with sanwa parts but its still a used stick.


I need some more opinions… Please people


Now child, this is a question you should learn how to decide for yourself.


Getting a 3Ds is waste of money. Secondly joy sticks are old outdated rubbish that people like because it’s basically playing with a toy in itself and that is truly how stupid some people are. The xbox 360 controller is fine, if you have a PS3 then that is a different story.


I personally would go with a stick, it will give you the closest experience to what most fighters intend.

And seriously BitterSweet, what a stupid thing to say about arcade sticks, how are they anymore out dated than controllers?

If you don’t like them then fine. But don’t just spout out rubbish like that.

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9/10. If you had made it less obvious, I would have given you full marks.


joystick FTW! If you choose the SSFIV 3D route, you still have to buy the system.


dont forget playing the ai is stupid, so unless you got a lot of buddies playin, it aint worth it. but atthat point oumight as well play on a console. the only practical use i can think of with a portable sf is for practice during commuting, but its only useful to pad users


Fight stick. More players on console plus MvC3 is coming out soon.


Go with the fight stick you’ll save money since you would have to buy the 3ds+ the game.


I’d try to grab a TE for 100 instead of spending that much on an SE.

SEs can be bought for like $20~ bucks now-a-days off eBay and you can get 6 buttons and a JLF for like 45 bucks.


I agree. The TE can be had for $100 easy.


Do you know exactly where I can find one for 100?


I don’t see the appeal of playing a fighting game on a handheld. Maybe handhelds have online gaming too and I’m not sure how well it works compared to consoles, but for excessive amounts of play, that would be strenuous on your neck and I doubt there will be anywhere close to the amount of people playing it online for the 3DS than the two home consoles.

I would get the arcade stick.


I’d definitely say the stick. If you like any other fighters besides SSFIV it becomes much more useful.

Also, which system are you getting the stick for? I can’t confirm, but I’ve heard that PS3 TEs go for a little cheaper than 360 ones, usually.


I have a 360; and to be honest, I don’t strictly need an SSF Stick, it’s just that I’ve heard those are the most reliable… If not TE, what would be my next best option?


HRAP V3’s are good. I’ve heard good things about Qanba’s Q2’s (there is a thread all about the Qanba’s here, so if that’s an option for you, I’d check that out), but have never played on one. HRAP V3’s go for around the same price as TEs, though I think they are usually cheaper, and I think they look better. They are a bit bigger than TE’s, and the buttons aren’t as high on the stick.


Wait, what?


i would go with the stick