Fight stick problem



    I'm not new to fighting games but new here. I watched EVO this year. It was awesome. I realized no one played with a game pad. Everyone had a fight stick. So I bought the Tekken 6 Hori fight stick off of Amazon. I started playing and I can't do a basic fire ball move that I could do on a game bad. I tried MC3, don't have Umc3 yet, and SSIV and it is all the same. I thought going on line would get me back in shape and all i've done is give people free points. What should I do to actually to be able to compete.



Practice, practice, practice, practice, practice. Then, when you’re done with that, you practice some more. It’s going to take time to get used to executing your inputs on an arcade stick, especially if you have absolutely no experience at an arcade or using someone else’s arcade stick. Just to get to the point of feeling comfortable using your Tekken 6 Hori, it might take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on how often you practice, along with how quickly you’re able to adapt.

That article has some useful tips as well. Realize that just having an arcade stick won’t make you any better than you are now, but it will help with certain combinations of right-hand inputs.


It takes practice. It is something brand new to you unlike a pad or controller that you have been using for years. Go into training mode and turn on inputs and just practice doing fireball motions. It will come with time just keep practicing and be patient.

Here are a few good videos to check out




My biggest problem is that I can’t consistantly roll or tap fast enough. In mvc3 i was able to air juggle with 3 characters now I can’t do 1. I’m practicing now. I’m just frustrated that I’m losing on easy. This is the first time I feel like a button masher.


I’ve watched both videos. I just can’t get the joystick part down. Been practicing all evening and only got a couple of lucky ultras. Just giving folks points at the bottom of the rankings.


Hit up training mode and try to do your special moves, ten times in a row. Ten times in a row, if you mess up, start over again. Then move on to doing basic combos. Rinse and repeat until you are Evo champion.


Over 10 hours of play. Not a single win. I got the 100 online match achievement. I’m playing with able but I can’t get the moves to go off. My hand tenses up in a game. Has anyone done a video on that by chance?


10 hours is nothing. Lots of people have gone hundreds, maybe thousands of hours without really hitting their stride.


10,000 hours or more.


Arcade stick. It’s an arcade stick or joy stick. A Fight Stick is a line of sticks made by MadCatz. Just practice.


Are there tier lists in SF? If so where can I find it?


I wouldn’t go online if I can’t perform specials. Keep practicing and be patient.


Plenty of tier lists available online, all of which pertain to the highest levels of play, which pretty much makes them irrelevant at your level of play.

There’s no character you can pick, no shortcut you can find, that will ever replace execution. You’re going to have to practice, whether it’s training mode or being an online warrior or playing with your local friends, you’re going to have to put in the work.


What a shitty answer: practice, practice, practice.

You want some real advice?
practice practice practice

:frowning: Sorry there are no tricks to being able to pull of a fireball 100% of the time. Make sure you’re not gripping the controller so tight you’ll rip it off, and expect to lose for your first 300 games or so. You’re trying to race when you’ve barely figured out how to stand up, let alone walk. It’s a long road that only gets more fun the more competent you are getting out the moves you want when you want.


Is there like a milestone marker I should be looking out for to know when to take the next step?


When you can do all your specials on both sides (1P and 2P) 15-30 times in a row without fail and probably a couple basic combos, that’s an okay start.


I’m noticing that when I do the specials I’m getting a diagonal down arrow instead of a left or right. How do I correct that. I’m working on input stuff but that seems to be my biggest problem right now.


Literally all of your problems by reading and executing on the first five words of my first post.

Practice, practice, practice, practice, practice.

If you’re getting a diagonal down input, you’re clearly pressing your stick in that direction, so you’ll have to work to correct that. Do the motions cleanly at first, and you’ll slowly build up speed. This genre of gaming is not something you can pick up within a few days, you’re going to have to keep at it if you want to even get your foot in the beginner’s level.


Took me a week to get comfortable with my stick, and it took me another week to get all my combos down by muscle memory.


Cool. I just trying to figure out what to practice in what order. I’m going back to Ken. Since I played him the most before the stick I’m trying to get good with the character I was marginal at. I’m spending a lot of time in practice and arcade modes. I’m going to x-box live endless and ranked for a few matches after about an hour of practice.