Fight Stick Question?

Am thinking of getting a Street Fight Stick. My question is which is easier to mod, the SE or the TE?

And after looking around I see that people are complaining about the new Tekken 6 stick. Am Stumpped on which on to get? How are the Hori sticks?

Sorry if this have been posted before :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t really need to mod a TE unless you prefer an Octo gate or different colored buttons.

If you got $100, just get a TE and be done with it. People have 'em for sale here, and if you do some searching online you can find 'em for that price.

But is it better to mod the TE stick aswell with different parts or is the parts that are in the TE one good enough?

the parts in the te are already top quality parts. if u get the se u will need to mod it.

the only reason u would mod the te is if u want seimitsu, different color buttons, or u dont like the joystick.

you should read the sticky post before posting questions

TE is good out of the box. SE needs to be modded.

BTW, search function/stickys are your friend.