Fight-stick recommendations?

Hey guys, I’m looking to purchase a fightstick pretty soon but I’m sure what would be a good first purchase.
If possible I would like to keep it as inexpensive as possible.
I was looking at the new madcatz alpha but with the 6 button layout, I’m not sure how that would workout with supers and ultras.
Can anyone give me some other recommendations or explain how the 6 button layout would workout?

Hello, hello, lovely to meet you, that’s a lovely sweater, have your read the stickies yet? I suggest you check out the “which stick should I buy?” thread, click here:

Run, run fast, before people realise that you suggested a 6 button controller could be in any way inferior to an 8 button controller. Go now, be quick, don’t pack your bags or take anything with you. They’re coming. They smell your fear.
Lovely to meet you. I mean it, that sweater is lovely.

The Hori Mini has your precious 8-button layout.

Isn’t the Hori Mini a terrible stick? And I’m not saying a 6 button layout is any better than an 8 button layout. I was just wondering how people perform certain inputs like Ultras

In the Street Fighter 4 series, the extra 2 buttons are essentially binds of all 3 punch and all 3 kick buttons respectively. So you just push the whole top row at once or the whole bottom row. No need for the extra 2 buttons.

As manbehindthewires said, just use your index, middle and ring fingers to hit all 3 punch buttons at once. It’s not hard.