Fight stick repair ,hallp!


Well i pick up my stick one day, and the stick is loose and not catching so im like ok i’ll try and fix it, but little did i know all the bolts are rusted due to my sweaty palms thus stripping the bolt when i tried to undo it. So im looking for anyone in the southern california area ( or further i can ship) that could fix my fightstick for me, before i beat the shit out of it. Thank you :))!!


I don’t fully understand what the problem is. Pictures might help.


Well the stick is all give now, so its just completely loose so it does not register inputs and is just like wobbling there. The bolts at the top of the TE stick are rusted and now stripped so i have no way of opening the case even to check inside ;[


Open from the bottom?


GOOD IDEA SIR, i shall borrow a Phillips tommorow


You wont be able to get to anything from the bottom assuming it is the TE.


There’s just a bunch more screws to remove from the bottom. Just undo the glue on the screws. It’s how I opened up my Round 1 TE without opening from the top.


if its a TE opening it up from the bottom wont help when you are trying to correct an issue. Best open from top. if you stripped a bolt easiest way to get it out without damaging the top panel is to use a dremel to cut a horizontal line across the bolt head… then use a flathead screwdriver to unscrew the bolt. good luck on the repair. if all else fails theres a bunch of people in southern cali that can help you fix it.


Sweet! Thanks for the help, i’ll try that this weekend, could you by chance give me any places in the socal area as a back up plan? :smiley: Thanks!!


depending on where you are at in socal will really determine who you can meet up with to help you with your stick… If sending in your stick isnt an option I’m sure when you do need help someone will pm you to assist. Every modder in socal charges diffrent and you get what you pay for most of the time. so it really depends on what you are willing to do to get the stick back up to par. dont give up tho… if you can find the problem and fix it yourself thats always a big plus.