Fight Stick Tournament Edition response delay



i just got the sf4 and the fightstick tournament edition for PS3. but i got a problem, the fightstick isnt fast as i expected. when using the joystick or buttons theres around half or 1/4 sec delay, even the ps3 controller seems to be faster.

is it normal? shouldnt it got insant response?



Just practice with it foo.



anybody familiar with the issue?


just want to know if its normal should i return it or not

was my question too complicated?:wonder:


it’s either your tv or simply the difference between methods of input that;s putting you off. I doubt the stick has input lag.


Are you sure its not your TV? You might be experiencing input lag.

Never heard of this problem. What you could do is test out a normal xbox controller. Hit one of the melee buttons… and test out the TE stick melee button to see if it is indeed the controller and not a universal issue.


thanks for reply

i have ps3 btw no xbox
to be honest the wireless Ps3 controller seemed to be faster…most noticable when i tap the fightstick character doesnt move instant while using ps3 arrow keys its almost instant (not perfect also)
i will test it again when im at home

btw do you know how the fightstick joystick should normally detect the movement, when i hear the “springy click sound” or when it pushed forward end…i only played american stick version on arcade cabinets many years ago and if i remember right it was more tight,hard and instant response compared to this.


More than likely is that your TV has input lag, but you just notice it more with the stick since you have an audible click noise to associate with pushing the stick in a direction.


It registers when you hear the click sound. That’s the sound of the microswitch being pushed.