Fight stick upgrades?


I’m wondering if there is a way to upgrade my eightaec fusion so I can use it on my Xbox one. I know there is that thing I can buy to plug in any controller. Just wondering if there was any fight stick hardware I can install, as i have to replace the joy stick anyways. Thanks.


Also. Any ideas on what joystick I should get to replace my broken one? Focus attack has a lot of nice sticks. Just don’t know what’s better/ what will fit.


There is no ALL-IN-ONE solution that includes XBone.

There is the Xbox One Pad hack thread

And if you are willing to wait, there is this in development

And yes with the Crossbone you can dual-mod a Xbox one PCB to a PS360+.

Well you should have now a Sanwa JLF in there.


Thanks dark. That helps a lot. Figure ill just buy a XO fight stick then. I’ll just replace my joypad for my fusion till then.