Fight stick want work online

This has to be one of the most weirdest things to happen, but today I officially finish my arcade stick. Tested it with Mark of the wolves everything work A ok offline.
Ask a friend to help me test it online to get a feel for it to only find out the buttons don’t work online. The only thing that worked was the joystick. So I decide to take it to Blazblue thinking mark of wolves was just being stupid. I fought my friend again but this time the button still didn’t work and when I move the joystick Hakuman would do his Lotus kick. Does any of this strike you as odd?

You’re going to need to tell us more if you want help.

  • What system?
  • It’s a custom right? What kind of parts/PCB?
  • Are you using a converter?
  • If it’s USB have you tried it on your computer?

Yeah try it on your PC and go to Control Panel and double check that the inputs of the buttons/joysticks are triggering correctly.

Your problem seems very weird, The only thing I might consider is that there is a short somewhere, but I’m not sure. Test it.

-360 (hinting me saying Mark of wolves only system with it)
-Yes is custom. Old 360 matrix PCB
-No converter.

Hope this helps answer my question.

MoTW is playable on a lot of systems, though you’d need a stick with a converter to play online, hence my questions.

It’s a shame it’s wireless. Do you have a dongle to use it on the computer? Could it be a simple mapping problem maybe? Different profiles?

Did you padhack a 360 controller? What did you do for the triggers? I had a similar problem with my 360 custom stick a while back, and found that the problem was that the diodes in my circuit for the triggers apparently stopped functioning. Since I didn’t really need the triggers anyway, I just disconnected them, and then everything worked perfectly. Obviously a miswire somewhere, but it wasn’t important enough for me to need to fix when every other button worked fine.

Ya, I didn’t wire the triggers at all.

And no I don’t have a dongle for it never thought I’d have to buy one.

Make sure you have the triggers not being pressed. If you removed the white plastic the actual lever is not spring loaded and if they are flopping around it can cause weird stuff to happen. I recommend a small drop of hot glue to keep them in place.

Also if you removed the actual trigger electronic component itself, you’ll need to solder on some resistors to make it kosher.