Fight Sticks and more

Hey all this is my second post on the forums.

I apologize if this is else where i couldnt find it.

Well I recently decided tyo go from a casual fighting gamer to learn more about the games i love and all and i started using my fightstick i bought back when SSF4 was released.

I’m still getting accustomed to it and really like it but my main question is to all those that play with fight sticks and custom builds what are the good brands aside from Hori and Madcatz and if I were to get a custom stick built who and where should i get it cause i like to personalize my things and put my own art on it and such.

I have been looking around and I see people mainly make panel art for the Madcatz Tournament edition a lot though i’d most likely prefer a custom stick. On that note thanks for taking the time to read this and help me out.


That’s just me =]

There is also EightArc, those sticks are incredibly sexy.
There are plenty more, hopefully someone can give your information that is more of value to you.

Please read the stickies before asking questions. Reviews to all the major stick brands can be found in the links provided.

As for customs, there is a sticky thread in the trading outlet for custom builders.