Fight Sticks at Lockerz

There are none.

For all you Lockerz members out there that want fightsticks:

When you log in click “Contact Us” at the bottom panel, pretty simple just send them an email and ask them to stock some fight sticks :stuck_out_tongue: (Mad Catz Super Street Fighter 4 TE shouldn’t be hard for them, since its based in US).

p.s. No, i’m not trying to promote lockerz or gain invites. I just want lockerz to stock some good shit. If you don’t know what lockerz is basically its a website that lets you redeem points for logging in once a day and watching videos.

If you want an invite you have to be invited, pm me for one if you’re interested. Once again not fishing for invites, just want lockerz to appeal to the street fighter community

Alot of people use it, we may aswell try and get them to stock stuff we want



Sadly, this sounds exactly like that.

Only an idiot will acutally try and join this. Sorry brah.

lockerz is legit, im not asking people to join it. i just want help with asking them to stock fightsticks.

edit: if you need proof, google and youtube are your friends. that said, i don’t care.

  1. Lockerz
  2. Legit

Choose one.



Yes, I too would like lockerz to download pics of fight sticks to scam idiots.

Strong intentional misleading thread title.

Way not to have the #1 SNSD girl on your fantasy team. Learn to play the game.


Anyone that gave Duc money was an idiot, not as stupid as giving money to some dude that pretends to be girl and promises to take pictures though.

this thread is HOT like fiyah


Scams are scams, if it sounds to good to be true it probably is.

I’ve NEVER seen anything that says Lockerz is legit. As many idiots have signed up, I don’t think I’ve heard of anyone actually getting anything from them.