Fight sticks compatible with PC


Hey guys,

I’m a SSF4 player on PC who would like to know which Fighting Edge works with PC. I’ve had a Mad Catz SF4 stick for PS3, but it wont work for shit on PC. I go on forums and I hear stories that the PS3 Fighting Edge works on PC but the Xbox version doesnt.

Preferably someone with first hand experience: Which Fighting Edge works with PC. I want to drop the 200 bucks, but I don’t want to end up having another incompatible stick… the disappointment is excruciating.

Thanks guys!


If you only want PC, you can achieve it for much less than $200. Get a case from one of the builders in the trading post, magocyber, nitewalker, or jasenscustoms, etokki, etc, ($50-150 on average), get the parts ($75) and get a ZD PC only pcb. That board comes with all the wiring you need.


Xbox360 sticks have a better chance at working on PC, though all my Mad Catz’s PS3 version never had a problem with any of my PC’s, only the old Round 1 didn’t work with one of my PC’s so I got some cheap VIA PCI USB for it to work.


Yeah i believe i have the Old Round 1 stick -_-. its the white one with a collage of the SF players? just my luck lmao.

And i never heard of making your own stick before. Seems pretty interesting, i’ll definitely have to check it out.


No, Round 1 was black with white sides with no characters but only a big IV on the art.


I have a white xbox360 fighting edge which was plug n play on my x64 win 7 computer.

Drivers installed automatically in 10 seconds


I’m using the Hori HRAP Kai for 360. Works out of the box for PC (Windows 8) and its also under $150. It’s not the fighting edge, but it does come with sanwa parts. My Soul Caliber V stick for PS3 also works great on PC. TE2 for Xbox One does not work on PC at the moment. This is even with the new drivers for the Xbox One controller. Something about how the triggers are read differently prevents them from working on PC.


My PS3 Fighting Edge works on my PC (including start + select). I have an Intel chipset though.

Bonus points for not having colored kuros and a dumb stock button layout as well.