Fight Sticks "forward compatible"?


Hi friends,
I’m pretty new to fighting games but I really enjoy the genre and want to get more involved and improve my skills. I am interested in buying a Fight Stick for my PS3, but with the PS4 only months away, I’m not sure if anything I buy now would still be usable on the PS4 when it comes out. I suspect they WOULD be usable on PS4 but I don’t know for sure. Does anyone know the answer to this question? Thanks!


Right now there are no sticks which are compatible with both PS3 and PS4. Please do read the rules of each subforum as you are breaking some right now.

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We don’t know the specifics of PS4 controllers yet.


If you want to practice already, I’d recommend finding a cheap fightstick under $100 to see how you like it. It is a very good investment tho to get a tournament edition fight stick but if you can to save an extra before PS4, get a cheaper fightstick. Look on this forum or craigslist for local and try to make a deal with them. If buying a fightstick hurts your savings for PS4, you will have a few month of lost time off practicing on fighting game basics and fight stick experience. And as of right now, I don’t think theres any PS4 fighting games in the midst as of right now except Killer Instinct on the Xbone for next gen fighters. Hope this help you decide.

IMO, I would just get a fightstick now and save extra for the cost of a fightstick bought before PS4. Also, fighting games require a lot of dedicated and time to improve. But just continue to follow the forums and level up your game and you won’t doubt buying a fightstick as of now. Also, fightstick arent for everyone.


No PS3 sticks currently on the market will work on the PS4 since the PS4 has a lockout chip similar to the 360.

Any reports of PS3 sticks working on the system are limited to dev kits which apparently aren’t limited to controllers with the lockout chip. From what I’ve been told, this is not the case with the production consoles.


You’re certain that they contain a lockout? I’d think I would’ve seen that somewhere by now if it was confirmed.

They also seem to hold pretty good value, as long as you buy something quality. If you say, get a new/used TE for ~$100, you aren’t going to lose much if you decide to sell it. It’s usually worth buying quality for most non-consumable items to be honest.


The only thing that is compatible from PS3 to PS4 so far are Headsets to my knowledge. Controllers or any other 3rd party Peripherals don’t seem to work.


I’ve gotten this straight from a source a MadCatz.


Okay, thanks. Disappointing then that anything for the new consoles will have to be re-modded or re-purchased. Hopefully more games will be coming to PC at least.




Microsoft’s PR department are getting really desperate, I see…


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There have definitely been some shady shill posts in Tech Talk recently.

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Maybe its backlash for me trolling the Killer Instinct Thread, lol.
The Fact that Rare is not doing this project at all is worrisome, that the studios with one of the worst track records ever Double Helix is worst.

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Man. Up until now, I always thought the alleged shills were just hardcore Xbots. But after the poor showing of the Xbox One, these shill accounts seem to be invading threads from every forum including reddit, gamefaqs, neogaf, and now apparently, SRK.

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Its okay to post praise about the Xbone in appropriate threads. Hell, I even think Xbone isn’t so bad anymore (still, the backtracking leaves me weary). But that last post was something.

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It was worse in the E3 thread, but the apparent shills are imo just fanboys seeping into the FGC as they were forced out of Gamefaqs/spot/trailers/ect.

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There’s a lot of rude little SOB’s showing up from nowhere lately… That much I have noticed.
Had one of them just PM today and I have to say I wasn’t even that rude to him PM’ing back.

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I swear it’s worse than the infamous Sega/Nintendo 16-bit system war days. (Yeah, even without that, it’s still worse today… the things people beat each other up about or rough up and steal for today is ridiculous. We’re going to hear some really sick stories this holiday season on the news, folks. Just wait as the new system hype builds up through release day! I honestly hope I’m wrong on this one but somehow I think the stupidity is still going to take place.)

I really don’t give a shit about what people want to buy… I’ve got my preferences and would stay away from buying from one company or another myself but it’s not as if any of them are angels and HAVEN’T screwed the customer-base. It’s just that some are more infamous and blatant about it! {KOFF! M$}

I think Gamefaq’s posters tends to be a younger crowd, anyway. I don’t go to look in the posts unless there’s relevant information about import titles that have a snowball’s chance in hell of making it to the States. I’m more interested in getting release dates, the occasional cheat codes (yes – ONLY for retro-console emulators! Yeah, that’s my position and it’s the absolute truth!), and general walk-throughs of games I’m not prepared to spend the next year of my life trying to get through.