Fight Sticks in Canada


So I live around the Toronto Area and was wondering if I can buy a fight stick around here for a decent price. So far the best I’ve seen is the Q1 from eightarc as it only has $30 shipping for a grand total of $100. Any other options would be appreciated


Mad Catz has had and probably will have sales on their fightsticks again, the fightstick pro about a month ago was $80($90 Canadian+$15 shipping)


I’ve heard sales tend to happen around tournament time, when’s the next big one?


Gamescom is coming up and new TE line so possibly older sticks will have a sale.


I’ll look into that, does anyone else know any alternatives?


I would say wait for a sale like the Madcatz one. That Q1 might not be worth it since it doesn’t have sanwa parts in it. If you upgrade the Q1 later on then you would need to go buy new parts which will go over your budget.



You may get better prices on shipping since it’s based in Canada. I had a friend who actually picked up a stick in person because he lived so close to them.


Doesn’t seem like canadianjoysticks is keeping sticks in stock anymore. Every time I look everything is out of stock

#9 has the Hori RAP Kai sticks for both platforms