Fight sticks which are compatible for PC/best fight sticks for PC?


Hi guys, recently my razer atrox stick broke :frowning:

I’m looking to buy a fight stick for USF4 and to transition to SF5(steam).

For those who play on PC can you please tell me what fight stick you use and would recommend me.

There’s a store near my house that is selling a Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade FightStick V.S. (XBOX 360 version)

I was wondering would this work on PC, with all the buttons functioning?

Because a few months(years?) when the Madcatz TE2 was being released for XBOX ONE and PS4, there been thread stating that the “triggers” don’t work and you need to re-wire. Does this problem still exist or has the drivers been updated?

Are the more older Madcatz Tournament edition sticks made for xbox 360 and PS3 more compatible with pc than the xbox one and ps4 ones are?


The Triggers not working is a issue with all ** Xbox One** Sticks, it isn’t a Hori or Mad Catz issue but a Microsoft issue. A issue Microsoft has no intention of fixing.
Unless the Xbox One stick specifically mentioned a PC compatibility mode avoid Xbox one sticks. I also avoid the Razer Atrox all together.

PS4 sticks work fine on the PC including the trigger buttons.

Also older PS3 Mad Catz TE arcade sticks do have issues with some PCs, mostly its with non-Intel motherboards.


Should I go for the Street Fighter x Tekken stick then? and will it work for SF5 on steam?

Thanks for the reply.


The Street Fighter X Tekken VS stick isn’t a bad choice, it SHOULD (key word should) work on the PC.
With the current gaming climate nether Mad Catz or Hori willing to actually claim PC compatibility for their console controllers/sticks unless the box specifically states otherwise.

Like the Newest PS3/PS4 fight pad from Hori (yet to be released at time of writing) is going to have a Xinput mode.


Your Razer stick is easy and cheap to fix if you just want pc compatibility. What’s it doing?


I can’t say it be that worth it with how other peoples Razer stick cases broke.
People have the plastic anchor/support for the strut and the hinges break off


Depends on what his problem is, might just be the usb cord or the pcb itself.