Fight Sticks With Good Palm Room

What are your favorite fight sticks that give you a good amount of palm room?

Which modded fight stick did you use that had their buttons moved up to create more palm room?

I was about to purchase a Real Arcade Pro. 4 Premium VLX until I seen a review on YouTube saying it just gave adequate palm room. I have kept an old PS2 Soul Calibur fight stick as I liked the palm room and just bought new encoders with it when needed. I need a PS4 fight stick so I’m now looking at modding a fight stick with a pad hack to get the room I need, or just buying one of the Mad Catz Street Fighter V sticks that will be released Feb 2016.

The Hori Fighting Edge looks great as well as the Razer Fight Stick. Would love to hear your opinions.


Hori Real Arcade Pro N3-SA, comes in XBox360 flavor too. Largest palm rest area I’ve come across outside of American Style joysticks.

Hori Fighting Edge looks like it has alot of space also.

Awesome. I have some Dreamcast Agetec stick’s which have always been my favorite. I’m not sure if that’s just because I smashed hours of my life playing on them back in the day.