First and foremost we would like to thank everyone that attended “Fight To The Finish” Street Fighter 4 Tournament. While we understood some people couldn’t make it due to other obligations, The Box Arena managed to organize our best quality tournament San Diego has seen yet. We were able to have 8 full stations which were used for tournament & casual gameplay. Huge kudos to the staff of Miramar Speed Circuit for letting us use there beautiful, spacious & air conditioned venue. The staff were super cool and were stoked about the tourney as well. We hope everyone enjoyed some of the extras that we sneaked in the event. In addition in having high profile matches on the main projector screen, we had SD’s players doing play by play commentary on our live stream. We know it was a little choppy & laggy, but we hope to correct the problem in our next event. We can not forgot about our partner, Dane Henderson from Cybersports Radio in coming through with all our sponsors. Everybody was treated with Pizza, Red Bull drinks & those infamous Hooters Chickens Wangs. A big thanks to Mad Catz in supplying all the cool swag and fight sticks given out during our raffles. The Highlight of the day indeed was having Combo Fiend, Sin and the rest of his posse coming all the way down from L.A. to battle it out against SD’s best. I managed to have a quick interview with him, and his definitely one of the coolest dudes you will ever meet. But it didn’t end there, Combo Fiend was nice enough to have some fun exhibition matches after the tourney. And yes I went (0-5). This event couldn’t been possible without the hard work and dedication of the Box Arena Team. And to our extended family that helped with the all the PS3 stations, Photography, & Video, We truly thank you for your continued commitment. Lastly we would like to thank the community for their support. Whether it’s coming to session with us on Wednesday or attending our larger events, we strive to give everyone the best experience possible. Stayed tuned for all the pictures, videos and upcoming gigs.

Until The Next Battle

Frank Fresh - (Box Arena DJ)

The Elite Top 8

1: ComboFiend
2: Sin
3: Viscant
4: Yeb
5: NeRemix
5: DJFrankFresh
7: Ozzy
7: LCast

Full Official Tournament Results

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Wow, from the pics that you have up so far, the event looks great!
Grats on the event Box Arena. :tup:

Good stuff everyone i appreciate the work sorry I cant be more involved my ass is stuck at south bay liquor all the time i would have loved to stay and play casuals with everyone but i had to go attend the ufc101 at my families restaurant which i was late too but it was bad ass silva toyed with his opponent like i toyed with DJ FRANK FRESH :stuck_out_tongue: j/k kinda like combo fiend toyed with me :stuck_out_tongue:

Should’ve had an arm wrestling exhibition with Combofiend.

Awesome event

It was definitely something special having all those great players there. You owe me a rematch Frank!

GGs to everyone, and thanks for hosting such a fun tourney. It was great to see the LA players too, thanks for putting up with the traffic to attend.

I need to find some stupid new tricks for Viscant’s Blanka, none of my shenanigans work on him anymore. Stupid tricks like randomly hitting LP+LK when he’s close, which would probably work better for me than whatever I’ve been doing.

Did the HDR side tourney go down? My bro & I wanted to make it, but I wasn’t sure if there would be enough players to even warrant the drive.

Wow, this event was well put together. Even though it was a small venue (due to lack of entrants) the planning and execution was more complete and effeciently done then some of the bigger tournaments that I’ve been to. Kudos to you guys (box-arena) for all the effort you put in, it was definitely worth sticking in traffic for.

Anyhow, it was fun playing against all of the San Diego players. You guys definitely need to travel up to LA sometime to expose yourselves to how others are playing, which would help to round out everyone’s gameplay.

Viscant- always good seeing you, always good continuing to be your road block as you were mine before.

DJFrankFresh- Good stuff organizing this and I can really see the passion you have for this. Don’t let the haters get to you man.

Shady - too bad you didn’t make it for the tournament. Really wanted to play you, but those casual games were fun too.

Kui - thanks for the shirt. Looking at the stuff, gonna have to scoop that Lost Angels goodness.

To everyone else- thanks for the fun (and tiring) casuals afterwards.

Oh and also, huge thank you to Christine for not dqing us and for being a dope tournament organizer. When am I going to get to see that zangief? LOL

Until your next event guys…

good shit peter :slight_smile:

gl at sbo!

sorry i couldn’t make this tourney, totally forgot :\

you guys should come to the Warzone

Posse? Is it too hard to say DASH and Def/Ozzy.

You guys put on an amazing tourny and you were all hella friendly. Great community you got out there in San Diego.

Thanks to Christine holding our spots… damn traffic.

Til next time. Take care.

Thanks Combofiend for the moral support it. Having our pep talk really opened my eyes on why I even do this.

That was definitely a close and hype match we had. Gotta love those “Chicken Wangs” even though I didn’t get a chance to eat any. :sad:

Mos Def. The Box Arena should be representing @ West Coast War Zone.

I apologize Dash/Ozzy. It was not on purpose. It just shows you that I need to familiarize myself with all the players and get to the know them on a personal level. I really cant thank you guys enough (Combofiend/Sin/Dash/Ozzy) :rofl: for making the trip out. You guys are always welcome to visit us here in San Diego. Next time we can save some Pizza and Chicken Wangs for y’all.


Damn people be missing out!!!

MAKU here. Just gotta let everyone know especially Frank that this event was great. I had a lot of fun. Can’t wait for the next one. But seriously this event that box arena held so far has got to be one of the best ones that I’ve attended. Box ARENA DOESN’T DISAPPOINT! They came thru and the outcome was friggen SICK!!! I thought it was so funny when I was playing casuals before my fight, I got called up for a Match: MAKU VS Combofiend. I was like WTF?! I’m playing him?! HIS FIRST MATCH?! Aww fuck it at least I get to see how crazy his VIPER is (and believe me its crazy…) HaHa…THANX COMBO for my first loss toward my dble elimination.

BOX ARENA: Thanks guys for this. SUPPORTER HERE SON!

MARCO: HaHa sorry didnt get to rematch you…NEXT TIME I might let you win…HaHa…Fuerte sucks HaHa J/K

Combofiend: Thanks for the Matches and tips on my ROG.

Frank: One day man, One day…I get close HaHa

Everyone I did play:GGs

good shit biatches. where’s the viscant breakdown novel/post? :lame:


It was a great tourney mad chill atmosphere. Thanks to the SD Posse for taking good care of us. Definitely if I have time I will be at the next one.


Sin is a bad man and Combo Fiend is the friend of a bad man and we all look like we’re about to go molest some kids.

This has been the breakdown.

–Jay Snyder

Thank You Maku,

I’m glad you enjoyed the event. I remember when you said, Where’s the game truck? Come to find out that we had more in stored for you guys. What way to start your day by playing Combofiend in your first match. :rofl: For some reason, everybody lately has been meaning to beat my Sagat really bad.

Just the look on you and Yeb’s face is priceless. Good S*** to the top 4. It should of been top 5 :wasted:

Be patient with us guys. The team is working really hard on the videos and pics. We are almost done chopping up the audio and putting the final touches. Stay tuned.


STFU captainsaveahoe!!

Good tournament. Ran smoothly and the food, drinks, and extras were very cool. GGs to everyone I played in the tourney and the HDR casuals afterwards…

Can’t wait for the next event!

BTW, can someone link me to the Weds. night box arena tourneys? Thanks.


I’m still not your friend anymore lol. I swear your Rog. was my kryptonite…