** FIGHT TO THE FINISH!** - San Diego, CA - 8/08/09

Cybersports Radio, XTRA Sports 1360 & The Box Arena Present “Fight To The Finish” - (Street Fighter 4 Singles Tournament)

Fight To The Finish Flier Info

Saturday August 8th, 2009

12:00pm-1:45pm Open Sign-Ups/Casual SF4 Play

2:00pm Tournament Starts

Miramar Speed Circuit
8123 Miralani Dr
San Diego, CA 92126-4342
(858) 586-7500

Official Sponsers:




Vortex Gaming Lounge

Game Crazy

  • $10 Entry Fee - ($4.00 Goes To The Venue)

  • [1st-50% 2nd-30% 3rd-15% 4th-5%]

  • Top 4 Also Receives Prizes & Merchandise

  • Ticket Raffle & Game Trivia

  • Player must provide their own joystick, pad and adapters.

  • 99 Sec. Round Duration

  • 2 out of 3 Rounds, 2 out of 3 Matches, (Double Elimination)

  • 3 out of 5 Matches - (Grand Finals)

  • Winner Must Stay With Same Character

  • No Characters Are Banned

  • Console: (PS3)

bwahaha, 40% of the entry fee gets taken? Have fun with that.

But honestly, kinda sucks especially if there aren’t a lot of consoles going.

I made sure that not only does the top 4 places gets cash, I ensured additional gift cards and prizes were appropriate in winnings. If you are referring to actual PS3 consoles used, we should have about 8 systems.

very nice
will be there or at least try

ill try to make it.

lol. does this mean you’re not going\

I vote to make the tournament $40 that way the $4 venue fee would only be 10%. Any takers? Yeah, didn’t think so.


Aww, well I’ll be in the south bay for another tourney on the same day, so I’ll see if someone’s going to be here representing us.


<333 loveeee youuuu

How about $10 to enter and a $4 venue fee?

How about a nice round number like $100 a ball?

That’s right uncle phil.

And Mad Catz is sponsoring this?

I’ll be there.

I’m just saying if you do the math, like, look at it like this.

Say you get maybe 50 people. That’s 500 - 200 = 300 available money pool. 1st place then gets 50% which is 150. So 10 dollars to win 150, not too bad I suppose, yay for first. Now let’s look at 3rd, 3rd will get… 45 bucks. 10 to win 45 kinda sucks since generally tournaments are whole day events. If you have 8 setups going then it won’t be too bad and the thing will be over pretty quickly then. Still, the entry fee vs how much you win is just not that appealing IMO. Especially when you consider normally 1st place would be getting 250.

Anyway, I don’t mean to be a dick and shit on your tournament. I’m guessing the extra prizes and stuff will be really cool. hell, maybe MadCatz will throw in a stick! :lovin:


alright fine, i’m a dick. but it takes one to know one.

Mr. Ed Ma,

While I do respect your opinion, Believe me in when I say the top winners will be compensated more than just cash. And if your lucky I’ll try to thrown in some chicken wings with a SE Fight Stick :slight_smile:

So really… Mad Catz is sponsoring this?

Mad Catz?

nah, go hooters!!!:rock:

Every company that is on the flier will be sponsoring this event. Which also include Mad Catz.

I believe you dude, GL with it. :smile:

Lucile :slight_smile: