Fightcade ST discussion!

Surprised there wasn’t a dedicated thread yet. Anywho, props to POF, this thing is great. No blips, connection issues, or anything so far. Few questions:

  1. What are we supposed to do with replay links? Are they archived somewhere? Do we just copy/paste them down after we exit a match?
  2. Any reason why the japanese rom is being used instead of the US rom?
  3. Will Fightcade eventually auto-update like supercade?

Muchas gracias. Keep up the good work!

I’ll give it a shot.
good to hear no more port forwarding

Type in the chat /replay replay_id to watch the replay. You can browse all the stored replays here:

There are some reasons for it:

  1. No O.Gief bug (compared with the WORLD version…)
  2. N.Gief is more balanced (Instant stun on his headbutt)
  3. Its the version that the real pros play?

If i remember well, pof himself said that he would work on something like that in the future.

Interesting. Didn’t realize the jap rom was standard. Always thought the CPS2 board was just more common. I’m going to miss seeing the correct US names for the bosses :frowning: Hope the replay system on eventually can be auto-uploaded to youtube or something. That would be awesome.

I’m fairly new to emulated ST, tried setting up GGPO a while back and the port forwarding was too frustrating with the router I had from comcast and would never stick for what ever reason, so this is a godsend.

My question is, I’m running the Japanese version of ST, is defaults to Turbo 2, but when I got to set dip switches it’s grayed out. How do I go about switching that?

Also, @studtrooper do you plan on updating the first post with links or info relating to optimizing set-ups for emulated ST, or perhaps flagging someone down to consolidate these things for and “Official” Fightcade thread?

I’d be happy to update the OP with any pertinent info.

Team GGPO here!

Has ggpo been down for awhile? I dont sign on to much admittedly but it seems when ever ive tried to sign on the past week or 2 says my password is wrong for some reason 0_o… More topic though of fightcade… fightcade seems to run weird on my PC. It was already hard enough getting GGPO to work on windows 8. But this is even worse for me, I dunno how to fiddle with the settings but its just off. I know I can do mizoguchis infinite among many other pretty crazy harder execution combos in other games with 200+ ping a lot of times on GGPO and supercade. But fightcade? I have trouble doing it even with like 50-60 ping. Timing just seems different in it for everything thing ive played. =/ Not impressed myself shrug

I figured it’s because, by default, you could select speed on the World version. Some years ago turbo1 on the world version was gaining steam as the closest to the real deal/japanese version.

Something I still don’t think was discussed enough. Turbo 1 feels way slower than the T2-US/T3-Jap default.

A buddy of mine actually plays on T1 on the World Version on his supergun at home, and he thinks it’s noticeably slower than T3 on Japan Version. It’s as close as it gets, since T2 on World is WAY too fast, but I wouldn’t say it’s as close to the real deal as it gets.

USA T2 still feels a lot closer to Japan T3 than anything else I’ve encountered.

What turbo setting is the jap rom set to in Fightcade? Can we get a honest discussion going on the merits of going back to tourney standard T3?

No clue. You’d have to go into the test menu and see what speed it is.

The tourney standard has ALWAYS been T3. It’s been this way for some time. The problem is that with emulation and/or internet latency, the “tourney standard” might not feel the same. It’s really up to the community to decide what’s a relatively appropriate replacement for it. Afaik, it’s set to the same standard as GGPO, which has always felt faster than offline ST, which always confused me.

Well, yeah, for the jap rom. I don’t think anyone disagrees with US-T2/JAP-T3.

I agree that the World rom at T2 might have been a tiny bit faster, but I’ve always thought that T1 felt WAY slower than it should. It took forever for me to adjust.

@pof What turbo setting did you put the rom at?

The savestate for ST has Japanese Turbo 1 (US Turbo 0) set by default. It is set this way because due to online latency and frame skipping, it’s what feels closest to offline turbo 3. On GGPO the default was US Turbo 1 (JP turbo 2), a bit too fast for the opinion of most people.

Who’s opinion? Turbo 1 was too fast on the World GGPO ST rom? I’ve never heard anyone say that. Can we put this up to a vote?

Fightcade is a beast, thank you POF for your work !

Hey ISIMORN! :smiley: glad to see you around :slight_smile:

I for one think the speed is just fine the way it is, and props to pof for going with this decision! On a separate note, is there a way to reset your password? I don’t seem to see any link on the website to do so.

Played some games on the platform yesterday, had a blast. Seems that there’s quite a bit of variety in both character usage and skill levels amongst the players, which is great.