Fightcade ST discussion!


how is FightCade down during Monday Night Fights…


Just posting here in case anyone still reads SRK (all three of you =) )


Where did all the ST people go? Facebook group?


Yup. Facebook, Twitter, Fightcade chat, Discord, LINE, it’s all over the place now.


I have to admit, it’s been probably 7 years since I was last here on these forums.


There was a thread in FGD discussing whether Discord (and presumably FB as well) have “hurt” the FGC more than they’ve helped. I can see pros and cons, but honestly I still fall firmly in believing forums along with wikis are the overall best medium and should be the primary source of information sharing. It really sucks that people don’t use forums anymore. Discord and Facebook are great at providing that instant feedback, but not great at preserving information for others to see. I occasionally read through the character threads here in the ST forum, and I can read discussion and gain insight, tips and tricks from well over a decade ago that’s still relevant today. Things like, how to do a standing headbutt with Boxer? Seriously - this stuff is not mentioned anywhere else on the English-language internet as far as I know.
Obscure tech and tricks that you won’t find anywhere else but deep on page 26 of some forum thread…


I agree that the forums are the ideal place to preserve information.

Unfortunately, with modern social media groups, private voice servers, and reddit being a thing, forums are going the way of the dinosaur. I’d rather just compress the information to the SRK ST Wiki since it already has a great foundation for presenting good information alongside its very helpful frame data and hitbox data info. But that also requires someone technically minded to ensure the data in there is accurate, relevant, and needs to be cross-checked by other admins. Don’t mind this sort of organization much anymore in the ST scene outside of a few dedicated players willing to share and post information.


So anyone here still play? Also is there any way to change the computer difficulty? I just wanna practice while in arcade mode and the ai is just annoying.


Plenty of action on Fightcade, though currently people are between Fightcade1 and beta testing Fightcade 2.

Change CPU difficulty by going into the test menu (check button configs for it), system configuration, and choose your difficulty.


Thx figured it out, apparently pressing f2 opens up the test menu. Trying to learn this game coming from SF4 and it’s been rough to say the least. Getting wrecked constantly lol.


It’s a difficult adjustment. ST has stricter execution requirements and less reliance on combos, which is basically the opposite of the focus of newer SF games, lol. Plus the competition that is still around is usually at minimum at the intermediate level, so there’s a bit of a learning curve.

But ST is nice in that you don’t need complex button presses to get the job done. You don’t even need combos. Good defense, a sense of spacing is all you really need in many matchups to win! Learn your anti-airs, your main pokes, and how to tech throws on reaction in a downback position, and you can do fairly well. Good luck!


It doesn’t help that I’m trying to main Gief lol. Spd’s in SF4 and 5 were 100% for me but so far I’m lucky to land 2/10. I have zero mu knowledge so playing a Guile or example seems unwinnable so far. I also find myself trying to tech throws and dash lol so the muscle memory will take a long time to get used to.

There’s one thing that’s annoying me though. Whenever I land a jumping attack it seems like the other player is mashing throw and I can’t even get a second hit in. Is this a normal strategy in ST? Whenever you get hit with a jumping attack just mash throw? Is the hit/block stun on attacks that much different in this game or am I missing something? If this is a stupid question I’m sorry.


In SF4/5, there’s an SPD shortcut. You technically only need to do a half circle input + one more direction, so they’re much easier to do with the shortcut. In SF2, and in most all SF games prior to SF4 era, you need to do at MINIMUm at 3/4 circle motion. It’s difficult to do in ST since you it’s also a much faster game, so it requires a bit of practice to get the technique down. For me, it helps to only hit the cardinal directions and end in an upforward motion.

There’s several SPDs to do it especially if you apply more advanced methods, but the most basic way I do it is to do start in forward, down, back, up, up+forward + punch. I force myself to do it in up-forward since I have a tendency to press buttons early before I finish left hand motions.

Landing jumping attacks work differently in ST. There’s FAR less hit stun on jump attacks than what you’re used to, so what’s most likely happening is that you’re hitting them too high, and as you land, they’re throwing you as you attempt to finish your combo that won’t connect. A way to increase your chance of counting this is to either hit your jump attack late, or simply do an SPD as you land and throw them instead of them throwing you.

And yes, it is a legit defensive tactic depending on the range and spacing and character matchup. They’re called sac throws. You can find a lot of good, solid explanations over at the SRK ST Wiki. Easiest to just google it. Great for learning chars too and seeing their frame data and hitboxes.

And there are no stupid questions. Feel free to ask anything about the game you don’t understand or want more info about. Happy to help.


Are you the best Sim in USA?


Quick question- For some reason I tried playing today and something really weird was happening. Every time I pressed rh on my stick the 2 player side would press start. Then my stick would be controlling both players simultaneously wtf? How is this even possible when only one stick is plugged in? Couldn’t figure out how to fix this so any help would be appreciated.


Check the button config? Maybe you assigned HK as P2 start as well? That or a wiring/PCB issue?


I seemed to have lost access to my old account and now I have to make a new one. I don’t have history on any of my old posts anymore :frowning:


Does Fightcade 2 have the HSF2 & the WW boss hack???


Didn’t see the sfa3/sfz3…


Dic is cheap…

v-gouki too:


I just downloaded the new fightcade for the first time… and… absolutely no game is showing up, besides curiously… SF2 championship edition… am I missing something? Or has anyone else had this problem before. Its not registering/reading any of other roms anymore I guess? Any help thanks