Fightcade ST discussion!


What turbo setting is the jap rom set to in Fightcade? Can we get a honest discussion going on the merits of going back to tourney standard T3?


No clue. You’d have to go into the test menu and see what speed it is.

The tourney standard has ALWAYS been T3. It’s been this way for some time. The problem is that with emulation and/or internet latency, the “tourney standard” might not feel the same. It’s really up to the community to decide what’s a relatively appropriate replacement for it. Afaik, it’s set to the same standard as GGPO, which has always felt faster than offline ST, which always confused me.


Well, yeah, for the jap rom. I don’t think anyone disagrees with US-T2/JAP-T3.

I agree that the World rom at T2 might have been a tiny bit faster, but I’ve always thought that T1 felt WAY slower than it should. It took forever for me to adjust.

@pof What turbo setting did you put the rom at?


The savestate for ST has Japanese Turbo 1 (US Turbo 0) set by default. It is set this way because due to online latency and frame skipping, it’s what feels closest to offline turbo 3. On GGPO the default was US Turbo 1 (JP turbo 2), a bit too fast for the opinion of most people.


Who’s opinion? Turbo 1 was too fast on the World GGPO ST rom? I’ve never heard anyone say that. Can we put this up to a vote?


Fightcade is a beast, thank you POF for your work !


Hey ISIMORN! :smiley: glad to see you around :slight_smile:


I for one think the speed is just fine the way it is, and props to pof for going with this decision! On a separate note, is there a way to reset your password? I don’t seem to see any link on the website to do so.


Played some games on the platform yesterday, had a blast. Seems that there’s quite a bit of variety in both character usage and skill levels amongst the players, which is great.


Downloaded that stuff today, played Vampire Savior for the first time in my life and fell in love instantly.
Shit that game is gorgeous.
Might get into 3S though since a lot more players seem to be playing it on Fightcade.

Couple of questions:

  1. Can you somehow get something like a training room for Vampire Savior, 3S and ST using this arcade emulator?
  2. Is it hard to find shitty players?
  3. Are there tournaments going on FightCade and if so can you somehow spectate them via stream or something?


You can get cheat files for use with the ggpofba.exe. You can find them by digging around on Google. I once found one that had a ton of cheats for Neo Geo games, but I can’t find the page where I first got it right now. The first result on Google is this and though it doesn’t have any Neo Geo cheats, the Vampire Savior ones seem to work just fine. That said, there are a couple of big exceptions to FBA cheats.

First is Super Turbo. It doesn’t work with FBA cheats. If you set the 2P to have infinite health, they just don’t enter hitstun most of the time, or attacks might pass through them. It’s weird. Anyway, there are a bunch of really great alternative training room-setups for MAME that people have made. Including Pof, who set up Fightcade in the first place. Here’s a link to his one, I have it set up and it’s really good.

Second is 3rd Strike. I haven’t bothered to check if cheats for stuff like Jojo’s or Red Earth work, so it might just be CPS3 in general. I know 2nd Impact doesn’t work either. If you try to activate a cheat, you get a window pop up saying “Guru Meditation Error” or something followed by a string of characters. You can run a 3rd Strike training room pretty easily just using MAME though. I think even the standard cheats that you can get for MAME will work fine.

There was a Super Turbo tournament hosted by Arturo Sanchez on his stream a short while back (playlist here). I also saw some dudes doing a Puzzle Fighter tournament. Rotanibor is a very active Vampire Savior player who quite often hosts tournaments. You might want to keep a look out for tournament announcements via Twitter or stuff. There is also this page: But that’s just for general replays (it’s a damn nifty page though, I like it a lot).


is this ggpo or damdai’s setup or a new one?


Not based off Damdai’s supercade. Based off of existing open source GGPO code since the original GGPO product is for most intents and purposes dead.


mmm… I feel its way too slow in Turbo1(US turbo0).
I think its the best way to set the same speed as we play ggpo, that means Turbo2(US Turbo1).
I think we need some vote to change speed or keep it. If I make like this and get some opinion, can u change the speed ?


It’s fine as it is. No need for no polls! :relaxed:


yo mom needs my poll doe :relaxed:



When will FightCade have an Emperor of FightCade tournament?


LOL, I lastscened this Korean player in 3S:



Fun fact, japanese players play each other at T0 even when their latency to each other is <50ms

Lower speed is better for online, simple like that.