Fightcade ST discussion!


Not based off Damdai’s supercade. Based off of existing open source GGPO code since the original GGPO product is for most intents and purposes dead.


mmm… I feel its way too slow in Turbo1(US turbo0).
I think its the best way to set the same speed as we play ggpo, that means Turbo2(US Turbo1).
I think we need some vote to change speed or keep it. If I make like this and get some opinion, can u change the speed ?


It’s fine as it is. No need for no polls! :relaxed:


yo mom needs my poll doe :relaxed:



When will FightCade have an Emperor of FightCade tournament?


LOL, I lastscened this Korean player in 3S:



Fun fact, japanese players play each other at T0 even when their latency to each other is <50ms

Lower speed is better for online, simple like that.


Constantly messing with speed settings without bringing it up for discussion and/or a vote is bizarre to me. And no, just because the japanese supposedly do it isn’t a good reason. One of the main reasons ST is my favorite SF is because it doesn’t play like molasses (WW, CE, Super).


I just tried to get FightCade set up the other day during the arkadeum stream, but no matter what the game feels like it’s running at a really low framerate. Is there something obvious I’m doing wrong? I have heard of people having similar issues with GGPO, and I may have had the same issues with GGPO (I don’t really use it). I already have all my Windows desktop settings set to best performance and I have tried running the game fullscreen to see if that makes a difference, but to no avail :frowning:


Are you sure you don’t realize Fightcade is running ST at Turbo 1 (which is US Turbo 0)? Makes the game feel very slow. GGPO also had the Turbo setting set slow too.


Those constant lies we’ve been told about ST (that world speeds are the same as US speeds) and reaffirmed when people ask about speed standards all these years.


I guess it was just an assumption, but no one really gave a shit about the World version of ST until it was used for GGPO (why over US or JAP rom? dunno).


Hm… it doesn’t seem like it - I just playing around with the turbo settings to see if that made a difference but it still feels strange. My point of comparison is SSF2X running on demul, trying the same characters and stage. It just doesn’t look smooth at all on Fightcade so it definitely feels like a framerate issue.

Just played around with the ‘experimental’ blitter on FightCade in fullscreen and it feels a little better, maybe I’ll play around some more and see if it helps.


Everyone knows that offline arcade versions are slower than their equivalent GGPO/FightCade versions


The FBA version that both GGPO and FightCade use is quite out of date - the latest FBA has had some fixes done to fix frameskip and stutter issues as well as alleviate the (horrendous IMO) input delay. It’s really obvious when you switch between arcade back to the old FBA, there’s substantial input delay there. I know that in my case it isn’t due to my monitor since I can play HD remix and it feels lagless, and I can play ShmupMAME with ST and it feels even more responsive than HD remix. So it’s all on FBA, and I do wish pof/ponder can eventually switch to using the latest FBA emulator at the very least.


Agreed. Shmupmame, with the right settings, feels most like arcade ST with all the timing differences and what not.

Having interviewed Pof previously, switching to a new emulator won’t be as simple as “select file” function. It requires a LOT of programming to make that switch happen, since the GGPO library was programmed to make it work specifically with that version of FBA.

Last time I spoke with him, he said he’s looking into several options to get Fightcade moving away from FBA, but it’ll be a long time until changes are actually implemented.


It would literally take months of nonstop work to do this. The entire netcode DLL would have to be rewritten from scratch. People need to chill.


Glad I came across this thread. I’ve been curious why online default is JP Turbo 1, and I see that its been answered.


Been wanting to play this game for a couple years now. I’m hoping that learning the fundamentals here will help me in other fighters. I read some of the wiki, will go back and read it again and go over character strategy for Ryu and Ken. Is the AI rubberband?