Fightcade ST discussion!


The FBA version that both GGPO and FightCade use is quite out of date - the latest FBA has had some fixes done to fix frameskip and stutter issues as well as alleviate the (horrendous IMO) input delay. It’s really obvious when you switch between arcade back to the old FBA, there’s substantial input delay there. I know that in my case it isn’t due to my monitor since I can play HD remix and it feels lagless, and I can play ShmupMAME with ST and it feels even more responsive than HD remix. So it’s all on FBA, and I do wish pof/ponder can eventually switch to using the latest FBA emulator at the very least.


Agreed. Shmupmame, with the right settings, feels most like arcade ST with all the timing differences and what not.

Having interviewed Pof previously, switching to a new emulator won’t be as simple as “select file” function. It requires a LOT of programming to make that switch happen, since the GGPO library was programmed to make it work specifically with that version of FBA.

Last time I spoke with him, he said he’s looking into several options to get Fightcade moving away from FBA, but it’ll be a long time until changes are actually implemented.


It would literally take months of nonstop work to do this. The entire netcode DLL would have to be rewritten from scratch. People need to chill.


Glad I came across this thread. I’ve been curious why online default is JP Turbo 1, and I see that its been answered.


Been wanting to play this game for a couple years now. I’m hoping that learning the fundamentals here will help me in other fighters. I read some of the wiki, will go back and read it again and go over character strategy for Ryu and Ken. Is the AI rubberband?


I’m a software developer myself, so I understand that often something that seems simple is in reality a lot more complicated! That said, I wonder what exactly about the netcode library makes it so tightly coupled to the old version of FBA and making an upgrade a daunting task. I’m guessing the netcode DLL that Ponder wrote (which of course is close-sourced) is hardcoded to use the old FBA? I can see how that could prevent us from ever upgrading unless Ponder decides to either 1) release the source code (never happening), or 2) spend time to update the DLL (also probably never happening given how busy he is with Stonehearth).

Sadly my C++ and C# proficiency is at a basic level (I’m a Java dev), otherwise I’d be interested in looking into providing assistance as it’s a shame that fixes exist for FBA’s frameskip/lag issues, but for various reasons we might never see those used in GGPO/Fightcade.


I don’t agree. It may not be a good reason but it still gives a clear indication by someone who should know the arcade better than anyone. I personally think that on Fightcade, the game is smoother on turbo 1 jap. The emulation is faster compared to hdremix or cabinet, so no matter if t3 jap is normally used, t1 feels closer to me than t2, but especially smoother. I think pof is right about frameskip




Is FightCade down? I can’t connect…


Not a big fan of twitter myself but it is useful in situations like this:

pof usually tells you when something is going on there.


pof, can we get Street Fighter II - the world warrior (910206) for FightCade


try i tried to play fight cade for the first time in maybe 6 months recently. Completely unplayable still. has anyone gotten this to work correctly on windows 8 yet? its ridiculous . Guess ill try again at the end of the year or maybe when windows 10 comes out lol
Doesnt matter if its ST or what game. Its just slow, it lags and it drops inputs for me all over the place. If I mess with any settings it gets even worse. Oh well…


Windows 8 (and to a lesser extent 7) are one of the reasons why GGPO/FightCade has declined in usage over the years. I actually don’t think the “Win 7 DWM fix” that the FBA developers implemented really fixed much - what I noticed is that the best improvement came from totally disabling DWM via a hack. Now it runs pretty well in that input lag is reduced a lot. I’m not sure who to blame - Microsoft developers for forcing DWM on and making it really hard to disable, or emulator devs who a) don’t test enough on Windows, and b) don’t seem to care about lagless gameplay. At least ShmupMAME is a notable exception to this.


Might want to try contacting Pof directly (contact info at and see what he can do to help. He’s pretty open about trying to solve anyone’s Fightcade issues, and if not, he’ll work towards fixing it in the future.

That’s the cool thing about Fightcade. Since it’s still being supported by the devs, you can actually get help, unlike GGPO nowadays.


Digging the player profiles @pof. Are you planning on letting players edit their profile in any way? Changed my avatar but I want moar lol.


Quick question guys. I recently started playing ST on fightcade but today for some reason I opened up the game and there was no sound. Have no idea what happened and I can’t seem to figure out how to get the sound back. Any ideas?


no ideas


How do I get this to go fullscreen retain aspect ratio and actually utilize the screen?


Took a snapshot for you. Open GGPOfba.exe in your fightcade folder and change the monitor setting to whatever your computer monitor’s native AR is.


New to ST, I have some quick noobie questions:

Gief, Hawk, Honda jump in with heavy or light or get a knockdown and do a standing or crouching light, the only way I can get out of the command grab is to do a special, right? If I use Claw I can do his flip kick (3 Punch or 3 Kick) and I assume the 3 Punch version is better. If I’m using Dictator, which special do I do?

How to get better at using Charge characters? Playing any fighting game made in the last 15 years and then going to this is quite the culture shock, there is no leniency for charge moves. I know you have to charge for 2 seconds but it feels closer to 3 seconds and I can never pull off a charge super when I need to.

Characters I hate:

Chun (just because of her throw damage)
And all the Grapplers.